Meet the Top 10 Scarf Bloggers of January 2015

1. Justyna Zareba from Poland (based in New York, USA)

Who she is: Justyna is a graphic designer, creative director, fashion lover, blogger, and shoe addict. The lady loves to mix and match and she’s good at it. Her blog, Justyna’Z Style, is a catalog of looks you can get style ideas from.

Why we love her look: It’s fresh, unconventional, unexpected, and it works. We love the red-gray-black-silver combination. Plus, of course, the add-ons — hat, purse, and hi-top sneakers — made quite a difference.


2. Johanna Vilhunen from Finland

Who she is: You can tell from her blog, Handmade Dreams of Mine, that Johanna is addicted to nail art. She also loves food, beauty, and fashion.

Why we love her look: A purple plaid scarf teamed with matching lip color makes the pairing very attractive to the eyes. We also like the texture play we’re getting from her ripped jeans. So cool.


johanna vilhunded blogger style ripped jeans plaid scarf dark lips layered look-horz

3. Anastasiia Masiutkina from Ukraine

Who she is: Anastasiia of Eat Dress Travel is a model, TV journalist, fashion lover, and blogger. She’s also the kind of gal who looks perfect in every outfit — something that will probably make you feel green with envy.

Why we love her look: Need we explain? She looks stunning in her head-to-toe Burberry ensemble. Plus, of course, we fancy the print-on-print treatment going on with the outfit.


burberry scarf over trench dress style blogger anastasiia 2

4. Kari Jane Ballesteros from USA

Who she is: Aside from blogging, Kari is also a makeup artist, a photographer, and a singer. She lives in Central California with her husband, who also happens to be a professional photographer.

Why we love her look: It’s cozy, girly, feminine, and sweet. We’re not into ruffles, but we just might have a change of heart after seeing Kari’s cute poncho.

Don’t forget to check out Kari’s blog for fresh outfit ideas.


ruffled cape style winter layered look blogger kari jane 2

5. Ania Boniecka from Canada

Who she is: Ania is a model, photographer, and fashion blogger of Ania B. Sadly, that’s as much info we could find on the gal. You could say she likes to keep things mysterious.

Why we love look: It’s the perfect kimono-and-infinity-scarf combo. Coupled with the hat and boots, it’s the kind of look worth copying this season.


6. Trang Vu Huyen from Germany

Who she is: We don’t know if she’s Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or Vietnamese, but we do know that her name is Trang Vu Huyen and she’s the 18-year-old beauty behind the blog, Sweet Nothing.

Why we love her look: We can’t help it, we’re smitten with the mix she put together here. The peach-pink coat looks stunning against the geometric black-and-white scarf. It’s the perfect off-duty look to try.


trang vu huyen aztec print scarf tribal layered style blogger

7. Julie P. from Romania

Who she is: Julie is a makeup aficionado, fashion connoisseur, and food lover. She documents her musings on her blog, Pink Wish.

Why we love her look: It’s simple, straightforward, with a surprising dose of glam thanks to the fur collar. She also put together an interesting mix of textures — fur, floral (blouse), and fringes (bag).


julie pink fur collar style blogger

8. Marta from France

Who she is: Marta pens the blog, Modenfer. While the lady loves fashion, she is one of the few who does not follow trends blindly. This gal knows how to weed through the fad to find what works for her.

Why we love her look: We love how she brightened up a dark outfit (first picture) with pops of color. We also like how she managed to combine casual and corporate into one outfit with the second look.


marta modenfer blogger scarf style 9001-horz

9. Estelle Hoshiko from USA

Who she is: Essy, short for Estelle, is a Korean-Zainichi Japanese American artist who was born and bred in Los Angeles. She speaks three languages and travels to Tokyo often. Her personal style is very unique and hard to forget. It’s avante garde without going overboard. It’s funky and punk without looking overdone.

Feel free to visit her blog, Noir Fairy, to check out more of her one-of-a-kind style

Why we love her look: We like the all-white getup. It’s clean and cool. Of course, what we love most is how she incorporated an infinity scarf into the attire.


10. Olivia from United Kingdom

Who she is: Olivia has been documenting her style on Olivia Emily since 2012. She’s currently a Fashion Buying and Merchandising student at a university in London. With her exceptionally stunning face and fashion sense, she’s one gal you just can’t ignore.

Why we love her look: It’s tough, sexy, casual, and cool all at once. We also love how her red scarf and gorgeous red hair brightened up the outfit.


olivia emily scarf style blogger layered look fall transition weather 3

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