Meet the Top 10 Scarf Bloggers of April 2014

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Once again, we’re giving our readers inspiring scarf-styled looks to copy from our chosen bloggers each month. For April, it’s all about simple warm-weather-appropriate dressing infused with bits of extra that transform the outfits into fabulous, eye-catching ensembles. Check out the 10 looks below and see if you can rock ’em all this spring and summer:

1. Amy McLarty from Georgia

Amy is a 25-year-old fashion lover who is also quite fond of vintage silk scarves. You can tell from this stay-at-home mom’s blog, Amy Loo, that she lives and breathes retro dressing. We can’t help but love this part-time teacher’s colorful style. It’s fun, fresh, and completely retro chic.

We’re sold on the print-on-print pairing she put together here. The head scarf looks fantastic with her dress and cat-eye sunnies. You think you can pull off her look? If not, the second outfit below may be easier to try.

amy mclarty amy loo blog scarf style 2-horz

amy mclarty amy loo blog scarf style

2. Ivana S. from Somewhere on Earth

Ivana is as mysterious as she is fabulous. We’ve yet to figure out where this fashion stylist hails from, but that really doesn’t matter because her looks are always universally appealing. Known for her blog, Rue de Tres Chic, Ivana inspires readers with her always-polished ensembles.

Below is a very summer-appropriate look she put together that’s certainly worth emulating. It’s simple, but with enough flavor to keep it interesting. Add-ons like a statement necklace, a stunning kimono, a striking purse, and uber cool sunnies turned an ordinary pairing  into something fantastic.

ivana rue de tres chic blog kimono style

3.  Catarina de Anciães from Portugal

It’s hard not to notice Catarina because she is quite the striking beauty. She’s got the brains too — graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fashion Marketing, and another degree in Social Media Communications with focus in Styling and Image Consulting.

Yep, that’s a whole lot of fashion for a single female. Fashion is in Catarina’s blood. She acquired her passion for the field from her grandparents. Her grandma was a seamstress while her grandpa was once a tailor for Louis Vuitton Maison.

Catarina’s look below was what drew us to feature her here today. It’s a classic look sprinkled with a little bit of extra thanks to the statement scarf. Just goes to show how wearing a scarf can go a long way.

Check out Catarina’s blog, KateFP, for more outfit ideas.

katefp silk scarf blog style 2-horz

4. Lara Rose Roskam from Amsterdam

Lara is a Dutch model and stylist who documents her outfits, shoots, musings, and travels on her blog, Lara Rose. Here, she wears standout scarves from Comtesse-Sofia. We’re loving the way the silky extras dressed up her simple outfits. Can you say the same?

lara rose roskam scarf style french chic 2-horz

lara rose roskam scarf style french chic-horz

5. Laura Badura from Poland (Based in Dubai)

Laura is a leggy model blogger and artist who is from Poland but  considers Dubai and the United Kingdom as her home bases. She also has an enviable collection of premiere label merchandise. With her brunette tresses, gorgeous skin, impeccable fashion sense, and closet-full of designer wear, you could say this girl has a completely charmed life

Speaking of impeccable fashion sense, check out Laura’s very summer-appropriate look below. The beautiful scarf (from Versace) certainly turned her tank-and-shorts combo into an elegant ensemble. Would you agree?

Visit Laura’s blog for more gorgeous outfits like this one.

laura badura blog silk scarf style-horz

6. Darya Kamalova from Russia (based in Milan)

Fall may be seasons away, but this layered look from Darya of The Cab Look is definitely worth channeling. If you want to wear it this spring, just switch to a pair of flat sandals instead of nylons and boots.

Also, unlike the usual, she didn’t use the scarf as a statement accessory. Instead, the piece simply complemented the whole ensemble and gave it enough polish. The result is a combination that is easy on the eyes. We also love how she spiced up the play of neutrals with a colorful purse.

the cab look scarf style boho-horz

7. Cissy Zhang from Sydney

Cissy deals with numbers on a daily basis as an Actuarial Consultant. Although you wouldn’t think she has such a serious job considering how glamorous she often looks. This fashion-blogger-by-night also has a thing for bunnies, which we’re guessing is the reason why she named her online diary, I Dream of Bunnies.

Check out her take on retro beach style below. She polished the look with a scarf tied at the neck and some round sunnies. We love the elegant mix, and can’t wait to channel it this spring break.

cissy zhang silk scarf beach style

8. Matthias Cornilleau from Paris

It’s hard not notice this impeccably-dressed Frenchman. Matthias is a dapper-looking dude from Paris who loves to dream, travel, and is quite fond of fashion. The guy loves to layer, and he can appreciate a good scarf too, like the embroidered piece from Dries Van Noten that’s giving his smart-casual attire the perfect amount of depth and texture. More from Matthias over at his blog, Stylnoxe.

stylnoxe scarf style mens spring layering smart casual 2-horz

9. Andrea F. from Germany

Looking to spice up your daisy dukes and tee this summer?

Then take a cue from German blogger, Andrea of Andy Sparkles, by capping off your outfit with a printed head wrap. Of course, a great piece to use for this look would be your silk scarf. If you want more drama, finish things off with fringe boots like her pair from Minnetonka.

andysparkles blog scarf style head wrap-horz

10. Zakira R. from Cape Town, South Africa

Zakira is not just a talented illustrator, but she is also a Fashion Editor and Trend Forecaster for one of the biggest retailers in South Africa. And aside from blogging on the side, she also works as a stylist and an amateur photographer.

We’re loving Zakira’s rendition of black and white below. It’s classic enough, but certainly not boring. It’s print-on-print done the right (and perhaps, the easiest) away. Zakira documents her outfits and work on her blog and Tumblr site.

zak and the zeitgeist scarf style black and white

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