Meet the Top 10 Scarf Bloggers of June 2014

Since we’re right smack in the middle of summer, we thought we’d dedicate our monthly Top 10 Bloggers feature to the ever so versatile kimono. Like the scarf, we think a kimono should also be a closet staple. Not only is it a great layering piece, but it also does an excellent job of dressing up any outfit. While a scarf can make you look elegant, the kimono is all you need to infuse a touch of glam into an attire. Today, we’re showing you how various bloggers style their kimonos this season. Check them out below and be inspired:

1. Sandra H. from London/Helsinki

The kimono is summer’s best friend. It’s the perfect piece to layer over your bathing suit or bikini. Here’s fashion blogger, Sandra Hagelstam of 5 Inch and Up, working a fringed and sheer kimono with her sexy one-piece while enjoying a day at the beach. Visit Sandra’s website for more summer outfit ideas.

sandra hagelstam 5 inch and up blog summer cover up scarf style

sandra hagelstam 5 inch and up blog summer cover up scarf style 2

2. Claudia C. from Poland

You know, up until we saw this look from Claudia of Clueless, we never thought you can actually rock a printed kimono over slouchy boyfriend jeans and still look good. Apparently, the trick lies in that white crop top, and we thank Claudia for helping us figure that out. We’re loving this getup. What about you?

claudia c clueless xx blog kimono scarf style summer2 -horz

3. Dominic T. from Saigon, Vietnam

There are some people who fancy wearing head wraps and kimonos as often as they can, and Dominic Thao is one of them. All you need is a glimpse of this fashionista’s online diary, Sun In A Golden Cup, to see just how much she likes her kimonos and head wraps. Here, she gives the LBD a refreshing twist by topping it with a fringed cover-up from Forever 21. Do you approve of this outfit?

dominic thao sun in a golden cup kimono summer style blogger

4. Allison R. from Texas, USA

Aside from being a fashion blogger, Allison Ramirez is also a style guru at College Fashionista. It’s easy to see why, of course. The self-professed lover of the 60s knows exactly what extra to use to create an outfit that is simple but  one that offers major impact.

Take for example, the outfit below. If you think about it, she’s just wearing a simple tank and a pair of skinny jeans, but adding a printed cover-up really made a huge different. Would you agree?

Don’t forget to visit Allison’s blog, The Stylish Soul.

allison ramirez stylish soul blogger kimono summer fashion-horz

5. Monica S. from Barcelona, Spain

Did you know that you can wear your kimono to a day wedding?

That’s exactly what Monica of Mes Voyages a Paris did. The fashion blogger, who is a Business Management graduate with an MA in Fashion Marketing and Communication, gave her simple halter dress a refreshing twist by topping it with a floral and fringed extra.


6. Dani McGowan from Chicago, USA

You can also wear a printed kimono with your favorite Sunday dress — that’s a tip from Dani McGowan of Mermaid Waves. The result is a concoction that is feminine, sweet, romantic, yet also a little bohemian. Will you give this look a try?

dani mermaid waves blog kimono style summer 2-horz

7. Anita from the Netherlands

Would you rock a kimono with a slouchy t-shirt? We say why not?!

Check out Anita, the brains behind the blog, Fashion Attacks. All it takes to look good in the mix is by simply tucking the shirt under your jeans, then capping off the outfit with a pair of slip-on sneakers. Super comfy, cool, and laid-back. Would you like to give this outfit a try?

anita fashion attack lace kimono summer style-horz

8. Mariel from Butuan, Philippines

If it’s really hot in your city, then take a cue from Mariel of Wicked Ying by pairing your printed kimono with sexy denim cutoffs and strappy knee-high sandals.  It’s very Cali-girl style with a touch of bohemia to it. Mariel is a social media junkie who loves to paint her nails and is addicted to shoes. Visit her blog for more outfit ideas like this one.

mariel wicked ying kimono summer style fashion

9. Laia from Barcelona, Spain

If you want to take your printed kimono to the next level this summer, then do so by playing with textures. Follow Laia of Let Me Feel Like a Doll by pairing your flowy floral topper with lace shorts and a textured bustier. And don’t just stop there; offset all that feminine drama by capping off the look with edgy ankle boots and a studded shoulder bag.

laia feel like a doll kimono style summer fashion blogger-horz

10. Rachael D. from United Kingdom

Kimonos are not just for bohemian chicks and laid-back ladies. Kimonos work with funky dressers too. Here’s a look from Rachael of Poses with Roses. The blogger and fashion designer kept her kimono-styled outfit fresh and quirky by pairing it with applique-and-chain-detailed shorts, some heart-shaped eyewear, and chunky cutout boots.

Uk fashion blogger - outfit

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