The Row Channels the Global-Trotting Woman for Spring 2014

Here’s a mild surprise – The Row Spring 2014.

Honestly, we were literally speechless when we saw the line-up; literally blown away. Several words crossed our heads as each model sashayed the private venue where the show was held (it was held at the Soho, well away from the Lincoln Center) — refined, eclectic, chic, classy, sophisticated, fascinating, easy-to-wear, understated, and completely effortless.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen definitely channeled the globe-trotting woman for this collection. It was a compilation of highly wearable pieces — midi skirts and dresses, sheer blouses, belted shifts, flowy fluid caftans, floor grazing stuctured jackets, and luxe hats and leather-trimmed body bags. But the infusion of exotic elements made this spring set so unique that you will find it hard to forget.

Oh, and did we mention they included head wraps, veils, scarves, and tasseled neck pieces too? Check out the snapshots below. And if you want to view the whole collection, simply head over here:

the row spring 2014 head wrapModel wears a long flowy head wrap with easy separates for The Row Spring 2014

the row spring 2014 scarf and knit ponchoModel wears a scarf, a knitted poncho, and a matching body bag with her sheer lace dress, The Row Spring 2014

the row spring 2014 veil and scarfA veiled visor and a printed scarf make this set ultra unique, The Row Spring 2014

the row spring 2014 tasseled necklaceWhispy sheer shift dress belted on the waist and decorated with a tasseled neck piece, The Row Spring 2014

the row spring 2014 tasseled necklace 2A tasseled neck piece creates flair for this classic belted kimono-inspired outfit, The Row Spring 2014

the row spring 2014 veilA delicate and refined strapless combo turned extra sweet with a veiled hat, The Row Spring 2014

What do you think? Sublime, right?

These won’t be available until next year. Right now, what you’ll find from The Row over at Barneys are sophisticated and sleek pieces perfect for the city-dwelling woman. Of course, they’re just as grab-worthy. If you want to take a look, simply swing by Barneys and shop away.

Credit: Row

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