How to Wear a Chunky Winter Scarf

Winter brings a change of wind and a huge drop in temperatures. And if you’re one of those who would rather suffer negative zero temperatures than cover up their outfits with bundles and loops of chunky scarves, think again! Or rather, be smart! Chunky scarves can keep you warm as well as stylish, you know.

Polish native and Teen Vogue blogger we know simply as Biotechnology,  proves that a chunky scarf is just the thing to complete your winter outfit. In her entry “Burgund Box-Coat”, the style blogger matches her thick, burnt orange scarf from H&M with a boxy, burgundy coat also from H&M.


crimson-box-shape-h-m-coat-black-new-look-shoes_400Style blogger biotechnology matches a boxy, burgundy coat with a thick, burnt orange scarf

The combination of the scarf’s slouchy form with the coat’s structured design creates a dynamic look that puts her smack in the middle of cozy and chic. Plus her color choices practically give off warmth! Burnt orange + burgundy = genius! The skinny dark pants and the boots finishes off the look, clean and streamlined.

She also wore the same scarf with a bronze parka in a previous entry where she visits Rovaniemi, Finland. If anything, this girl makes freezing look cool.


bronze-parka-cubus-jacket-black-new-look-boots-black-zara-leggings_400The scarf makes another appearance in a recent travel entry featuring Finland

Inspired by this blogger’s style, we decided to look around for more chunky sorts of scarves. And boy, did we find a lot! Check out our favorites below.

Chunky Scarves at ShopbopLeft column: Augden Web Scarf, $198,  Paula Bianco Chunky Knit Wrap Scarf, $105  Middle column: Bop Basics Thick Knit Loop, $32.50  Right column: Eugenia Kim Fiona Chunky Wool Cowl, $107.80,  Rag & Bone Christina Wrap Scarf, $105

Are you a believer in the styleability of chunky scarves yet?

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