Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarves for Less

This is the oh-so popular and close-to-iconic Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf. Well, it’s one of ‘em. There are many variants, but this here is one of the classics. Countless celebrities have been spotted wearing versions of this scarf, including Carrie Underwood and Hilary Duff:

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf in Black ChiffonAlexander McQueen Skull Scarf in Black Chiffon, $295

The price of a McQueen Skull Scarf starts at $295. If you’re rich, that amount probably won’t sound so bad, but if you’re a fashionista on a budget, you will most likely equate that much money to the number of shoes, bags, clothes, or scarves you can buy. So if you want the McQueen look but can’t afford it, what do you do? Simple – head over to Amazon and grab yourself a skull printed StyleInch scarf!

Chiffon Crown Mini Skull Print ScarfChiffon Crown Mini Skull Print Scarf, $21

You see, it seems StyleInch has made it their calling to produce knock-offs of popular celebrity scarves, the McQueen Skull Scarf being one of ‘em. While others may view this as blatant copying, frugalistas can call it godsend.

Thanks to StyleInch, you can now grab that celebrity look for way much less. How low is the price? How about an easy $29 a piece? Super cool, right?! Check out some of the other celebrity scarves they offer at Amazon:

Styleinch Scarf Skull Mix ScarfSkull Mix Scarf in Grey, $24.99

Styleinch Scarf Skull Mix Scarf MustardSkull Mix Scarf in Mustard, $24.99

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