Sienna Miller Fails to Impress with Her Burberry Blanket Wrap

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Usually, toppers dress up a look in an instant. Whether it’s a scarf, cape, poncho, kimono, or a wrap, you usually get some kind of result — elevated style.

But there are always exceptions. Take for example, the outfit Sienna Miller put together for a plane ride back in November. The actress wore sweatpants and a matching gray sweater for the flight. She then finished her look with a hat, a pair of sneakers, and that oh-so popular personalized Burberry blanket wrap. For some reason, however, the combination didn’t go so well.

Check out Sienna’s outfit below, then tell us if you think otherwise:

Sienna Miller departs Los Angeles from LAX

Sienna Miller departs Los Angeles from LAXSienna Miller arrives at LAX in an all-gray attire topped with a Burberry blanket wrap on November 23, 2015

What’s the verdict? Any thoughts? Did she nail it or did she fail to impress? It’s an unexpected pairing, no doubt. Would you wear such a combination? What do you think went wrong with the outfit?

Personally, we think the heavy wrap will look better with boots and skinny trousers or tights. Or, if she really wanted to wear sweatpants, a black pair worn with black sneakers might have looked a whole lot better with the wrap. Would you agree?

The Burberry blanket wrap is available online. If you’re familiar with the pricing, then you would know it’s quite expensive, especially once you have it monogrammed. If the personalized add-on doesn’t matter to you, you may consider the less expensive Burberry merino wool ruana instead. It retails at a more palatable $795:

burberry merino wool ruanaBurberry Merino Wool Ruana, $795

For the gals on a tight budget, you’re free to consider the fringed “Dallas Plaid” wrap from NastyGal. It retails at an easy $68:

nastygal dallas plaid wrap 2-horzDallas Plaid Wrap, $68

Credit: WENN

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