Meet the Top 10 Scarf Bloggers of July 2014

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Our top bloggers for July will give you a mix of looks that range from bohemian to fall-appropriate. Wherever you are on earth right at this very moment or whichever your style preference may be, we’re pretty confident you’ll snag an outfit idea or two from the looks we’ve compiled today.

Here are ten outfits to try before you start layering this coming fall, which by the way, is just right down the corner waiting for summer to end.

1. Dora D. from Hungary

Give your long black dress the bold and fierce treatment. Wear it with a silk head wrap and some leopard-print heels. This is an outfit idea we scored from 20-year-old Hungarian fashion blogger, Dora.

Besides loving fashion, Dora is also into photography. She’s doesn’t say much on her blog, but she lets her photos do all the talking. She fills her website with stylish looks to inspire readers. Do check out her blog, Dora D Love, if you want more outfit ideas like this one.

dora d love blog scarf style bandana head wrap 2

dora d love blog scarf style bandana head wrap

2. Alessandra Mazzini from Lima, Peru

There’s nothing like a gorgeous mix of color and print. Here’s one from Peruvian blogger, Alessandra Mazzini of Fashion In Da Hat. All you need to steal this style is a red circle scarf and a beautifully printed shirt.

Alessandra is a fashion designer and stylist who also owns the label, Camote Soup. Her red infinity scarf is actually from the brand.

alessandra mazzini fashion in da hat scarf style blogger-horz

3. Lise Kapris from Moscow, Russia

Want to look elegant, retro, and modern all at once?

Wear your hair up then decorate it with a silk square for that old-Hollywood feel. Complement with a floral jumpsuit to give it a fresh and feminine twist.

Obviously, we’re taking cues from Lise here. The No Limits to Perfection blogger simply looks perfect in her outfit. Would you agree?

lisa kapris blog head scarf style no limits to perfection 2-horz

lisa kapris blog head scarf style no limits to perfection

4. Lace L. from the United States

If you want something casual and cool to wear this weekend, try this shorts-and-tank combo from fashion blogger and designer, Lace Levi of Lysergiaa. To give it an edgy and mysterious twist, she accessorized with a hooded scarf, some knee-high socks, and a pair of platform boots.

It’s a refreshing take on the usual. Althought, we admit, we’re not sold the footwear. We’re also pretty sure you won’t be able to walk comfortably in the pair on the streets. Of course, that’s a minor issue because you can easily replace the shoes with normal lace-up boots. Once you have that in order, you’re good to go!

lace levi lysergiaa scarf style blog

lace levi lysergiaa scarf style blog 2

5. Roshini Daswani from Hong Kong (based in London)

Yes, you can actually rock a turban with busy wide-leg pants and make the combination look chic and cool — that’s if you take a cue from Rosh of That Girl Posh.

The Hong Kong-born London-based graphic designer made it work by simply using the powers of a classic white shirt to neutralize the wow factor of a glittery head wrap and richly printed trousers. Add a black purse, some cool eyewear, and a bit of bling to that, and you’re all set!

roshini daswani that girl posh head scarf style blog-horz

6. Kayla Hadlington from London, England

What’s a fun and fresh way to wear the kimono this summer?

Take a cue from stylish blogger and velvet addict, Kayla. The fashion design student mixed her printed topper with a floral crop top and some high-waist shorts. But instead of pairing the combination with the usual thong sandals, she infused a bit of tough-chick drama into the look by opting for a pair of  chunky strappy thick-soled sandals instead.

More kimono looks from Kayla on her blog.

kayla hadlington kimono blogger style 2

kayla hadlington kimono blogger style

7. Camilla Franek from Austria

Here’s another outfit worth considering from Austrian blogger and graphic designer, Camilla of Blond Hair Pink Heart. This outfit is the perfect illustration of how laid-back feminine should look like.

Just grab your boyfriend jeans, then top it with a bright pink blouse and a blush pink neck warmer. To kick things up a notch, team with a pair of cool eyewear and an equally poppy purse.

milla franek blond hair pink heart scarf style 2-horz

8. Mirelly Reyna from Lima, Peru

Mirelly is one-half of two fashionistas behind the blog, De Madrid y Lima. We fancy the looks she put together here because they’re actually in-between-seasons appropriate. That basically means if you’re already feeling a bit of the windy fall weather, then it’s time for you to take a cue and bundle up.

mirelly reyna de madrid y lima scarf style 2-horz

mirelly reyna de madrid y lima scarf style 6

9. Ashley Washington from the United States (?)

To be honest, we don’t know where Ashley is from (she has kept that part mysterious for some reason). But judging from the outfits we’ve seen on her blog, Twenties Girl Style, we’re guessing she’s from the land of stars and stripes. And considering the cute stars-on-stripes outfit she put together below, our hunch is probably correct.

Ashley is a teacher and fashion enthusiast who loves  cupcakes and cute dresses. Her star-print scarf below is from Target.

ashley twenties girl style blog scarf

10. Triinu Ollema from Tallinn, Estonia

Normally, denim cutoffs don’t require a belt. But if you have to wear one and you don’t want to, go with a scarf instead. It will lend a softer look to your daisy dukes. And when worn with a printed tank or crop top, it will give the outfit that unique print-on-print flavor.

This is a cue we’re taking from H&M visual merchandiser and fashion blogger, Triinu Ollema of Fashion Notes by Triinu.

fashion notes by triinu scarf belt style blogger 3-horz

fashion notes by triinu scarf belt style blogger 2

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