Scarf Style: Top 10 Blogger Looks of September 2013

Aren’t you happy it’s finally fall?

Of all the seasons, autumn or fall is our favorite. That’s mainly because during this season, you can be at your most fashionable. Just imagine the plethora of pieces you can layer and wear. It’s limitless! The same goes for accessories too, from shoes and bags to (especially) scarves.

While we were scouring for bloggers to feature for the month of September, we came across so many gorgeous fall looks that it made us wish we lived in the cooler parts of the world. Of course, there were also bloggers who, like us, had to delay wearing the season’s best trends and dress in the best (and most comfortable) way possible to deal with the lingering heat (which is lingering longer than we had hoped).

Now speaking of bloggers, here’s a round up of our top 10 for September. Of the ten ladies below, whose scarf style do you like best?

1. Vanessa Kandzia from Berlin

We’re starting our list with this hair and make-up artistry student from Berlin. Vanessa loves fashion and dreams to live in New York one day. At the moment, she authors a blog called Trendique aside from studying. Vanessa is here today because we immediately fell in love with the furry look she put together below.

To be honest, it reminds us a lot of the outfit Sienna Miller wore to the Matthew Williamson Spring 2014 show in London last month. We love the infusion of deep blue accessories; the treatment really made her stand out. We also love the second look she whipped up using an all-black outfit accessorized with a mustard yellow scarf; such a gorgeous combination!

By the way, if you want her furry scarf, you can get that one at ASOS.

vanessa kandzia trendique blog blue fur scarf-horz

vanessa kandzia trendique blog blue fur scarf 2Vanessa Kandzia keeps it simple, chic, and elegant by mixing deep blue accessories with her color-less leather outfit

vanessa kandzia trendique blog yellow scarf-horz

vanessa kandzia trendique blog yellow scarf 3Vanessa keeps an all-black outfit interesting by pairing it with a mustard yellow scarf

2. Hayley from Glasgow United Kingdom

Meet Hayley Mitchell Gardner of Addictions to Shopping. This 19-year-old blogger is not only into fashion, but quite into photography as well.

The play of color and texture in her look below is what earned her a spot here on ScarvesWraps. That ruffled scarf really gave the outfit a more tactile feel. And we love how she combined multiple tones of green with black to create an attire that is so in-harmony with the background.

Suffice to say, she looks picture perfect.

hayley addictions to shopping blog ruffled scarf-horzHayley works up a palette of greens mixed with black to create a picture-perfect outfit that displays a lot of texture play

3. Viktoriya Sener from Istanbul

Victoriya Sener is a fashion lover from Istanbul who is just as crazy about Nutella as she is about fashion accessories. When we saw her Alpha Gypsy scarf below, we knew we just had to feature her.

Isn’t it beautiful?

The print is perfection! And of course, we love the chic way she paired it with leather and a double dose of denim. More stylish outfits from Vicktoriya over at Tie Bow-Tie

viktoriya sener tie bow tie blog alpha scarf-horz

viktoriya sener tie bow tie blog alpha gypsy scarf-horzViktoriya keeps it chic by pairing her scarf with leather and a double dose of denim

Frame The GypsyFrame The Gypsy, $69

4. Anastasia Kuzmina from Saint Petersburg, Russia

Honestly, we don’t know much about Anastasia Kuzmina, except for the fact that this lady is a Chanel nail polish addict and has a wonderful collection of accessories. One of them is a polka-dotted scarf that she styled so fabulously with a matching outfit. Let’s just say we immediately fell in love with the perfectly polished and put together two-tone attire.

Visit Anastasia’s blog, Fashion Not Fashion, for more of her musings and outfits.

anastasia kuzmina fashion not fashion blog blue head scarf-horzAnastasia works up a two-tone outfit and styles it with a polka-dotted head wrap in the same color

5. Anett B. from Florence, Italy

We just had to include this look from Anett B. of Bella Pummarola today. Like Hayley, we could not help but love the way her ruffled scarf mingled with her sheer top and blond waves so naturally, and so fluidly. The texture play is mesmerizing to watch. Of course, there’s also the fact that those cute furry friends (of hers) are just too adorable to resist.

bella pummarola annet b ruffled scarf-horzAnett plays with texture by topping her sheer floral blouse with a ruffled floral scarf in the same color palette and material

6. Flavia Alessandri from Brazil

Besides being a blogger for Affair With My Closet, Flavia is also a producer, photographer, and an image consultant. This multi-tasking fashionista also loves to cook up outfits infused with pops of color (or two). A case in point, the super chic look below, with her green scarf being the highlight.

flavia alessandri affair with my closet green scarf-horzFlavia adds a pop of green to keep an achromatic outfit extra interesting

7. Angi Alzar from Spain

Leave it to the scarf to do all the talking. That bright yellow zebra-print number sure looks stunning, doesn’t it?

And we like how she kept everything else black but not boring by donning a hat and bits of leather. Angi’s a fashion and photography enthusiast who’s the head and heart behind Angi Cupcakes.

angi cupcakes angi alzar yellow scarf-horzAngie uses a bright yellow zebra-print scarf as the centerpiece of her all-black outfit

8.  Lydia Marceau from France

We are always amazed by how a kimono can transform an outfit into something chic and refined. In fact, sometimes it does a much better job of upgrading a look than a scarf is able to.

Lydia Marceau’s oriental-inspired printed topper was just too pretty to pass up, so we had to put her here. Do you like it too?

Lydia is the fashion connoissuer behind The Black Feather.

lydia marceau the black feather blog kimono 2-horzLydia Marceau dons a printed kimono and some standout accessories to dress up a simple outfit

9. Bianca from Vienna, Austria

It’s hard not to notice a blog name that’s called Worry About It Later. But even harder to ignore is when the author of said blog is an ultra-fashionable stylista who says it all with her snazzy outfits. Meet Bianca from Vienna, Austria. And here she is looking quite glam and refined in a long kimono.

Long kimonos are a lot dressier than shorter ones. In fact, you can even wear them to cocktail events or evening soirees. Just make sure you use a piece that comes in the right material (like silk).

bianca worry about it later blog kimono 3-horzBianca glams up a classic black outfit by donning a long kimono and pointy high heels

10. Melanie Pangilinan from New Jersey

Melanie P. is someone we can easily relate to. She’s extra petite, has trouble finding clothes that fit her tiny frame, and is crazy about kimonos — just like us! That’s why featuring her here was nothing short of natural.

Check her out below rockin’ a floral topper with a lace skirt. What a gorgeous combination, right? Don’t forget to visit Melanie’s blog, Aetherlily, for more outfit ideas.

Aside from blogging, the 22-year-old fashionista is also web designer and a student taking up her doctorate degree.

aetherlily blog melanie pangilinan kimono 3-horzMelanie keeps it girly in floral and lace

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