Scarf Style: 10 Blogger Looks to Steal This October

Fall is, no doubt, our favorite season of the year. It’s when you can amp up your style in so many ways, and wear layers upon layers of gorgeous fashion pieces — especially scarves. You can get creative and experiment with so many looks, which is something you don’t really get to do — as much, during the rest of year.

When we searched for bloggers for this monthly feature, we were quite overwhelmed by the number of fashion-forward fall-ready styles we had to weed through in order to make the selection. There were just so many worth showing and worth copying. Thankfully, we managed to trim down the list to ten.

Meet our  top bloggers for the month of October and learn a trick or two from their fabulously put-together looks:

1. Aksinya A. from Europe

Need a tip on how to wear that super chunky beige scarf?

Take a cue from Aksinya of Freestyle Blog. Even at such a young age, this 15-year-old student blogger is already a pro at mixing and matching. Here she shows us two ways to wear the chunky extra — by sticking to a monochromatic palette while playing up the texture, or, by pairing it with a standout (and slouchy) sweater.

aksinya air freestyle blog chunky scarf style-horz

aksinya air freestyle blog chunky scarf style 4-horz

2. Valeriya Volkova from Russia

Plaid, which is a classic pattern, is one of fall’s top stories. If you need a tip on how to wear it in an updated way, try this look from Valeriya Volkova. The 17-year-old blogger of The Fashion Around opted to mix it with blue denim and top it with an equally bright coat. But to keep it girly (and less punk), she went for a pleated skirt instead of the usual black skinnies.

valeriya volkova fashion around blog tartan scarf style-horz

3. Flora Zhu from China, based in New York

Keep that black outfit from looking too boring by punctuating it with a bright chunky scarf, a la Flora Zhu, designer and author of the blog, Canvas June. We all know this trick is failsafe and foolproof, so why not give it a try today?

flora zhu canvas june blog bright scarf style-horz

4. Priscila Betancourt from Spain

Want to mix prints in the most unique and stylish way?

Here’s a preppy-themed look that may give you an idea, courtesy of Spanish blogger, Priscila Betancourt of My Showroom Blog. Don’t you find it amazing how she was able to make it work?

Remember that the trick to achieving a cohesive look using multiple prints or patterns is by wearing pieces that fall within the same color palette. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

my showroom blog scarf style preppy 2-horz

5. Rosanna from Amsterdam

Her blog is called Billie Rose, but this 25-year-old Dutch PR consultant and fashion connoisseur goes by the name of Rosanna. The laid-back way she styled her mixed-print (floral-on-tartan) scarf was what caught our attention. We like how she kept it casual and sporty, yet polished at the same time.

billie rose tartan scarf style 3-horz

billie rose tartan scarf style 5-horz

6. Roza B. from Poland

We love the tough yet feminine vibe we’re getting from Roza’s look below. The 18-year-old Bijoch blogger gave her chunky maroon scarf a different spin by pairing it with a silky floral blouse and black leather skinnies.

The juxtaposition looks very intriguing, don’t you think?

rosa bijoch blog chunky scarf style with leather 2-horz

7. Theresa “Twee” Wu from Hong Kong, based in Melbourne

Sure, this quirky outfit from Twee Wu of Ezzentric Topz may not exactly be what you’d call fall-appropriate, but we couldn’t resist featuring it here today. We love the super cute way she styled her catchy dress with a head scarf. The add-on really made a big difference, don’t you think?

ezzentrictopz theresa wu head scarf style-horz

8. Tiffany from Canada

If you didn’t know it, you’d think Tiffany of Sky High Dech was a supermodel. Not only is she super-slim, but she’s also 6-feet tall.

She has mentioned in her blog that she finds it hard to find clothes that fit right, but judging from the super chic outfit she put together below, you’d hardly think so. Doesn’t she look awesome here?

We like how she added texture by knotting the scarf several times. And we especially love how she played with earthy tones to come up with an ensemble that is completely lookbook-worthy

sky high deck blog scarf style knotted 2-horz

9. Chantal J. from Paris

Want to keep your bright scarf extra interesting?

Coordinate it with matching pants a la Chantal of Likeabyul. You can also elevate your look even further by adding a little bit of texture — such as leather, much like the way this 19-year-old Parisian styled her outfit.

chantal likeabyul red scarf style 3-horz

10. Natalie P. from Ukraine

Talk about being a chameleon. Natalie Pirmann, who authors Fashion Fascination, is definitely a pro at styling. After all, it is the 24-year-old’s profession. Here you can steal two different looks from her — one is very “English” and sports the tartan scarf with other Saville Row patterns, while the other shows the leopard print extra elevating a laid-back street style very reminiscent of a fashionable New Yorker. Which outfit would you copy?

fashion fascination blog tartan saville row pattern style-horz

fashion fascination blog leopard print scarf style-horz

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