Scarf Style: Top 10 Blogger Looks of August 2013

Before we say goodbye to the sunny season, let’s have one last round of summer-themed scarf looks to try courtesy of the top bloggers we have selected this month. This list is certainly not your usual. You’ll see kimonos, cover-ups, and scarves turned into dresses, blouses, and even tube tops! It’s a unique group of fashionistas that will definitely inspire you to dig through your collection of scarves and see them in  whole new light.

So without beating around the bush, here are our top 10 bloggers for the month of August. Will you be channeling any of these ladies anytime soon?

1. Lara from Spain

Kimonos don’t have to be boho all the way. You can take a que from Lara of The 109 Block and layer it with a preppy item for a more interesting mix. Don’t you love her style?

lara 109 block blog kimono style

2. The Mysterious District of Chic from Washington DC

We honestly don’t know her name. Somehow, this pretty fashionista who pens the blog, District of Chic, has made it a point to stay mysterious from her many fans.  Of course, that didn’t stop us from including her here.

First, we can’t get enough of her pretty bird-print cover-up. It’s one of those pieces you just throw on, then boom! Instant fabulousity. Secondly, we love how she punctuated the simple outfit with heels. It just made the whole outfit look even more glam.

district of chic kimono-horz

3. Kaykay B. from Los Angeles

Kaykay is one-half of Sugar and Spice, a blog created by two very fashionable best friends out to share their musings and sartorial escapades to the world. Her BFF, Madeline Becker, completes the dynamic duo.

For today, however, we’re going to focus on Kay, and how beautifully coordinated her outfit is. She shot these photos for a Levi’s promotion, but what we actually can’t take our eyes off of aren’t the jeans. Instead, we can’t stop looking at her headscarf! It’s a small addition, and yet, made such a huge different to the outfit.

kaykay b sugar and spice blog

4. Amanda Custo from South Africa

We all know you can turn a scarf into a plethora of many things, but nothing beats actually seeing it in action. Here’s Amanda of LoubousandLattes sporting a beautiful scarf from Pineda Covalin as a halter blouse (and as a head wrap!). We love how she wore it with an all-white shorts-suit. What a gorgeous combination, right?

amanda custo loubous and lattes scarf top

amanda custo loubous and lattes scarf top 2

5.  Janet from Montreal, Canada

Tired of wrapping your scarf around the neck? Do the head wrap instead. The drama you’ll get out of it will be way so much more. Case in point, this look put together my Janet of Styled by Janet. Who’d have thought military elements can look so darn fabulous when mixed with bohemian prints?

styled by janet blog scarf style 2-horz

styled by janet blog scarf style 4

6. Yvie

We don’t know where Yvie is from, but we do know she can cook up a dress with a scarf in a snap. If you need style tips and tricks, just visit her blog, Makeup Your Runway. Oh, and in case you want to know, her catty scarf-turned-halter-dress is from H&M.

makeup your runway scarf dress-horz

7. Cee Fardoe from Vancouver (based in Paris)

Cee Fardoe is from Canada, but she’s currently based in Paris. From the sound of that, you probably already envy her. And you should. She’s living the fashionable French life. Plus, she’s got this really amazing collection of scarves from Comtesse Sofia, made even more fabulous with an all-white outfit. Visit Cee’s blog, Coco and Vera, for more of her musings.

coco and vera comtesse sofia scarf 3-horz

coco and vera comtesse sofia scarf-horz

8. Susanna Vesna from Abu Dhabi

You know how a print or painting can hypnotize you? Well, that’s exactly how we felt when we saw Susanna’s multicolored scarf from Menbur. Coupled with the coordinated outfit and beautiful backdrop, she basically painted quite a picture. Susanna is an artisan who specializes in hand-crafted pieces. You can visit her namesake blog, Susanna Vesna.

susanna vesna blog menbur scarf2-horz

9. Mon Ceccato from Perth, Australia

With a name like that, you’d probably think she’s from some Latin country. But Mon Ceccato is a lass from down under. She’s here today because we so love the surprising way she used her scarf — as a tube/bikini top! Who’d have thought, right!? Mon also likes wearing head wraps and head pieces. You can check out her looks by visiting her blog, Little Miss Mon Bon.

little miss mon bon scarf tube-horz

little miss mon bon scarf tube3-horz

10. Alexandra P. from Spain

You will probably mistake her for a Cali girl if you didn’t know it. But the truth is, Alexandra is from Spain. She’s also the kind of fashionista you’ll enjoy stalking, simply because she exudes that always-effortlessly-chic style that is so hard to copy.

A good example is her outfit below. Seriously, how can she look so good in very simple pieces? She also made it even more fabulous by wearing a head wrap. Would you like to steal her style?

More gorgeous looks from Alexandra over at Lovely Pepa, her blog.

alexandra p lovely pepa head scarf 4

alexandra p lovely pepa head scarf 5

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