Oil Painting Printed Silk Scarves Featuring Famous Painters

Are you a huge fan of art? Do you gush over pieces from Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoire? Because if you do, then you will definitely squeal in delight at the fabulous finds we have for you today. Check out these printed silk scarves from Dahlia’s Oil Painting Collection:

Van Gogh’s “Starry Starry Night” Printed Silk Scarf, $39.45 (was $86)

Van Gogh’s “Church at Auvers” Printed Silk Scarf, $39.45 (was $86)

Claude Monet’s “Poppy Field in Argenteuil” Printed Silk Scarf, $43 (was $86)

Gustav Klimt’s Malcesin on Lake Garda Printed Silk Scarf, $39.45 (was $86)

Gustav Klimt’s “Donna Con Ventaglio” Printed Silk Scarf, $39.45 (was $43)

Pierre-Auguste Renoire’s “Le Moulin De La Galette” Printed Silk Scarf, $43 (was $86)

Aren’t these delightful? Would you consider collecting these? They’re pretty affordable so you can actually purchase in multiples if you like.

The scarves are made of 100% charmeuse silk so they’re really soft to touch and the drape is wonderful. And because it’s silk, you can wear it in the evenings as well. These would also work great as gifts for your girlfriends this holiday season. And if you’re a die hard fan, feel free to frame them as home decor.

What do you think? That’s three good reasons to grab at least one of these scarves, so would you? If you’re ready to shop, simply buy these scarves at Amazon. Other (oil painting) prints are available. Enjoy shopping!

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