Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Leopard Print the Right Way

Leopard print looks best with what? Can you guess?


It’s the perfect neutral to make the catty pattern stand out. Nicole Scherzinger was spotted doing the mix so fabulously yesterday, while the singer and X-Factor judge was making her way through Heathrow Aiport in London.

Nicole had on a white maxi dress paired with black flat sandals and a white hat with black trim. She punctuated the look with a leopard print scarf, and the combination simply looked fantabulous.

Nicole had on a white maxi dress paired with black flat sandals and a white hat with black trim

Nicole Scherzinger punctuated the look with a leopard print scarfNicole Scherzinger arrives at London Heathrow airport ahead of the X Factor launch show in London on August 28, 2013


Leopard print mixed with white is a fail-safe and fool-proof combination. It’s an age-old trick that never goes out of style and never gets old. Leopard print is also great with red, but it is most perfect with white.

Now on to Nicole’s catty wrap. Any idea where she got the piece?

Because she’s someone famous (and rich), we’re going to assume it’s from some high fashion label. Could it be a Louis Vuitton? Perhaps a Ferragamo? A McQueen? What do you think?

Here’s one that looks quite similar, though surprisingly, it’s from another label — Sofia Cashmere. It is triangular in shape, and features the same eyelash fringe all around. However, it does have an odd fox-fur add-on that you may or may not like:

sofia cashmere fox fur trim shawl-horzSofia Cashmere Fox Fur Trim Shawl in Leopard Print, $598

It’s a piece more appropriate for winter, so if you’re looking to work Nicole’s look, best to grab a scarf without the fur. A great option to try (if you have the budget for it) would be these pieces from Alexander McQueen. One is made out of silk and measures 52 inches by 52 inches (a square scarf), while the other is a rectangular variant that uses cashmere-silk blend material. Both however, retail at a pricey $725 a pop:

alexander mcqueen leopard skull scarf-horzAlexander McQueen Leopard Skull Scarf, $725

alexander mcqueen cashmere silk leopard amq scarfAlexander McQueen Cashmere Silk Leopard Skul Scarf, $725

Of course, if you want to be frugal about it, you can just scoot over to Amazon and grab a cheaper alternative that will cost you far less. Don’t expect cashmere or silk for the unbelievably low price, but at least you’ll get the style factor in order.

Credit: WENN

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