How to Look Good in a Morning Poncho Without Makeup Like Liv Tyler

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When you’re bare-faced early in the morning with zero make-up on and not a product in your hair to keep it together, would you have the guts to step outside and run errands, grab breakfast, or walk your dog?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Liv Tyler walks her dog early in the morning in Manhattan on October 17, 2013Liv Tyler walks her dog early in the morning in Manhattan on October 17, 2013

In Liv Tyler’s case, the answer is a big yes. The actress was spotted looking extremely au naturel while walking her dog in Manhattan yesterday morning. She was dressed in casual attire, yet somehow, managed to look elegant by donning a pair of sunnies and an oh-so-cozy poncho.

Liv Tyler rocked sunnies and an oh-so-cozy ponchoLiv Tyler rocked sunnies and an oh-so-cozy poncho

Why don’t we take a cue from Liv?

Need to walk that dog? Need to grab breakfast at the cafe next door? Step outside with no make-up on and let your skin breathe. Just slip on some cool eyewear and top your look with a cape or poncho for polish. You’ll look effortless and chic, guaranteed (just don’t forget to brush your teeth first).

Here are a couple of classic pieces that will give you a good amount of mileage.

Eileen Fisher Ombre Striped Poncho, $258

Eileen Fisher Ombre Striped Poncho

Rachel Pally Turtleneck Poncho, $286

Rachel Pally Turtleneck Poncho

Credit: TNYF / WENN

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