Matt Goss Is a Scarf-Wearing Dapper-Looking Dude

Matt Goss performed with Nicole Scherzinger in London recently. Everyone talked about how gorgeous Nicole looked in her beaded mini dress and over-the-knee boots, but our eyes were on Matt. We just couldn’t help but notice the guy. He had a certain kind of swag that was simply hard to ignore, so we thought to look him up.

We looked through photos and photos of the singer, and guess what we found?

Matt Goss likes sporting the choker scarf. No kidding, he does! It’s part of his trademark look — polished up in a suit (or jacket) and a fedora. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), he looks really good with the neckerchief. Check out Matt and his signature style below, and tell us what you think.

matt goss bbc radio 1 studios october 4Matt Goss  arrives at the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London, October 4, 2013

Matt Goss Leaving Cafe De ParisMatt Goss leaving Cafe de Paris in London, October 9, 2013 

Well, any thoughts? We’ve seen him sport other scarves, but always with the same look. Do you like it? Would you ask your guy to dress this way? Or perhaps our question should be, will your man even consider?

Maybe, maybe not. But you have to admit, wearing a scarf always adds a nice touch to any outfit. In Matt’s case, it elevated his style even further. Of course, the fedora (hat) did half of the work.

If you want your man to copy Matt’s attire, try gifting him with these uniquely printed scarves from Etro. Maybe he will take a hint and give the look a try:

etro mixed pattern modal and cashmere scarfEtro Mixed Pattern Modal and Cashmere Scarf, $315

etro paisley modal and wool scarfEtro Paisley Modal and Wool Scarf, $315

As for Mr. Matt Goss, well, let’s just say this is as far as he can go in terms of looking good because without the fedora, the guy actually looks like your regular Joe.

Matt GossMatt Goss attends the Amy Winehouse Foundation ball, November 20, 2013

Credit: Zibi/

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