Runway Hit: The Magical Scarves of Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs blew us away with his Fall/Winter 2012 collection and its flair for oversized and dramatic accessories. This time, scarves are in the limelight, with purple and metallic elements– such as copper and tinsel– as the running theme. They’re chunky and embellished, and every inch of them sparkles! And this glitterati of scarves may have been on the runway but they are wearable off of it, too.

Check out Net-a-Porter for 3 of these insanely divine scarves that promise to wrap you up in high glam style come fall and winter!

1) Hand-crocheted wool-blend scarf, $1,800

Hand-crocheted wool-blend scarf

Hand-crocheted wool-blend

This astounding scarf combines a purple, hand-crocheted design with copper undertones. Its debut on the runway was with a hand-crocheted green sweater and a blue, tinsel ruffled skirt. But for everyday, this chunky, purple accessory would look best with a dark and monotone outfit.

2) Faux fur and crystal-embellished wool-blend scarf, $1,200

Faux fur and crystal-embellished wool-blend scarf

Faux fur and crystal-embellished wool-blend

Patches of deep purple faux fur and copper-tone crystals embellish this wool-blend scarf, transforming it into a unique and eye-catching accessory. It breezed the runway in a matching cardigan and skirt but you can style it with a jacquard jacket over straight jeans and sleek booties.

3) Tinsel-striped scarf, $525

Tinsel-striped scarf


When this tinsel-striped scarf came out with a floral grey peplum dress, it was hardly dreary! The combination of print and glitter is a good idea to translate. You can also bring out this scarf’s midnight blue with a lighter shade sweater combined with sleek black leather boots and skirt.

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