Liscaro: More Fab Than a Fantastic Scarf!

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We all know scarves are fabulous and that we simply can’t live without ’em. But have you ever seen an accessory that’s even more interesting (and fantastic) than the good ol’ scarf? It’s not the wrap, and it definitely isn’t the poncho. Here’s your answer – Liscaro:

Say what?!!!!

Liscaro. It’s a new kind of accessory that comes with a never-seen-before patent pending design.

Yes, it’s a lot like a scarf in a sense that you can wear it many ways (for the Liscaro, it’s 10), but what makes the Liscaro different is simple – it’s so freakishly easy to use that achieving looks can be done in nanoseconds! (Ok, I’m exaggerating, but you get the point)

Some ways you can wear the Liscaro

The ways you can wear a scarf can sometimes be limited to its size. Say if it’s big and wide, you really can’t use it as a head band or a bag accessory. With the Liscaro, this limitation is non-existent because everything is adjustable. You can even wear it as a bra-top!

Liscaro is the brainchild of Lisa Devereaux, who was inspired to create the one-of-a-kind extra while on a TV commercial shoot. Initially given as a gift to friends, it soon became such a hit that she decided every girl in America should have a chance to own one as well.

Here’s a video of Lisa showing how to wear the Liscaro in multiple ways:

WOW, right? You can’t imagine how happy I was to find this treasure.

It’s very simple yet works like magic. No wonder every girl wants one! And here’s more for the fanatics dying to get their hands on a Liscaro – Lisa has developed a wrap version to complement this beautiful work of art – the Riviera. It will soon be released so better watch out for it.

To grab a piece of the Liscaro (or get first dibs on the Riviera Wrap), simply visit the Liscaro website. A Liscaro will cost you an affordable USD49.

The Riviera Wrap

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