How to Jazz Up a Gray Scarf Like Kendall Using Pieces from Your Closet

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If your wardrobe consists of 90% meat and 10% fluff, then you probably think it’s boring. And by meat, we basically mean pieces that are timeless, classic, and generally not as exciting as, say, a pink fur coat or a fringed leather jacket.

Fluff includes the trendy items that are often statement-making but generally not as useful. In most cases, meat usually consists of items in classic hues while fluff involves articles tinted in bright prints and florals.

If majority of your wardrobe consists of meat, then we won’t be surprised if you’re constantly plagued with a dilemma on how to brighten up an outfit to keep it interesting.

Usually, you add fluff to do the job. After all, they’re what you call icing on the cake. But in reality, you don’t have to resort to fluff all the time. You can also use classic pieces to jazz up an outfit.

Take for example, a boring gray scarf. The obvious choice would be to wear it with black or gray pieces. But you can actually make a gray scarf pop if you use it with, say, a striped blue sweater — just like what Kendall Jenner did for her plane ride last week.

The leggy brunette arrived at LAX in her usual attire of black skinny jeans and boots. She kept warm by wrapping a gray scarf around her neck, but what we liked about the outfit was how she used a fuzzy blue striped sweater to make the scarf stand out.  It was quite refreshing to see a somber hue appear more alive.

Kendall Jenner arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Kendall Jenner arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)Kendall Jenner arrives at LAX while decked in a fuzzy striped sweater and fringed gray scarf on November 15, 2014

We love the pairing she put together here. Don’t you?

Take note, all the pieces on Kendall are considered timeless. A blue striped sweater is a classic — just like a gray scarf and black skinny jeans.

So what do you think, ladies? Will you channel Kendall and wear your gray scarf with a striped sweater?

We say why not?!

Kendall’s sweater is by H&M. We couldn’t find it online, but below are a couple of substitutes that will do the trick just fine. You can also use other classic patterns like Intarsia or Fair Isle in shades of blue to recreate the mix:

vince mini stripe sweater-horzVince Mini Stripe Sweater, $235 / Love by Design Stripe Ribbed Pullover, $48

Wear any of these sweaters with black skinny jeans, black ankle boots, a gray scarf, and you’re all set to looking effortlessly chic like Kendall. Personally, we prefer the ribbed pullover from Love by Design because of the texture. Mixed with the fringed wool scarf below, we have no doubt the combination will look gorgeous:

nordstrom tissue weight wool scarfNordstrom Tissue Weight Wool and Cashmere Wrap, $98

Credit: WENN

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