Jennifer Lopez in Print on Print Gucci Fox Trimmed GG Patterned Stole

Let me let you in on a little secret – I hate patterned pants. I’m talking  plaids, checks, stripes, and houndstooth patterns done on trousers, slacks or what-have-you. They just remind me too much of pajamas.

I don’t mean you can’t look good in them, because you can, as long as you wear one with the right pieces (I guess). However, I personally wouldn’t wear patterned pants myself out of choice. So when I saw these pics of Jennifer Lopez leaving a hotel in New York last week, I couldn’t help but cringe:

Jennifer Lopez leaves a hotel in New York, February 1

As you can see, the AI judge had on some patterned trousers. And here’s the thing, she even hyped the outfit further by pairing it with a patterned and fur trimmed scarf!

Now I know one good way to spice up a look is by mixing prints, but honestly, what can you say about this combo? Perfect or completely way off? And what about those booties (from Dior)? Would you say the trio complement each other like they were meant to be?

Jen’s topper by the way, is a piece from Gucci (obviously). It’s called the Fox Trimmed GG Patterned Stole and you can find it at SAKS. It is part-wool part-silk and it retails at a whopping $1550. Yep, THAT much. No surprises there of course; Jen has been known to favor luxurious and glam pieces; this scarf is simply just one of ’em.

Gucci Fox Trimmed GG Patterned

Gucci Fox Trimmed GG Patterned Close UpGucci Fox Trimmed GG Patterned Stole, $1550

Now let’s go back to JLo’s attire, what can you say about it? Would you wear such an outfit? Do you think she should have changed her scarf/stole into something solid and classic? Or do you think she should have worn different pants instead? And what about those shoes? Should she have worn something else?

Credit:  Ivan Nikolov/WENN

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