Introducing the New “Snickey”, You Like?

Sometimes, we are amazed at the ideas brands come up with just to offer something new. Its no secret that designers draw inspiration from archives, art, and architecture. But even with that fact known, we still find ourselves surprised each time we see them churn out something unusual, even if it’s in the slightest bit.

Take for example the dickey, or what others call us the tuxedo front. It’s a lot like a bib, except that it’s worn by adults. Over the years, we’ve seen the dickey evolve to a snickey — or a scarf-dickey. If you’ve been living under a rock, the concept is very similar to the tube scarf, except that the snickey looks more like a turtleneck sweater, only without the sleeves and side seams so you’re left with flaps that cover your front and back. Would you fancy wearing such a piece?

This season, we found a couple of brands reinterpreting the snickey. Check out these neck-warmers from J Brand and Tibi. Talk about edgy in a whole new way…

j brand sweater dickey-horz

j brand sweater dickey 2Tibi Sweater Dickey, $195

j brand vesna dickey 2-horzJ Brand Vesna Dickey, $195

Well, you like? They look very interesting, right? How would you wear these snickeys if you had them?

A few people will probably say they look useless. And given their 3-digit price tags, most will think they’re overpriced as well, especially since they aren’t exactly as versatile as scarves.

Well, are these even worth your attention or not? If you think these snickeys are worth trying, simply head over to Shopbop and snap them up!

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