How to Make Your Own $16 Bikini Cover-up

Now is probably not the most ideal time to release this post. After all, it’s fall season so scarves, capes, and ponchos are what’s on everyone’s minds. However, we just couldn’t pass up on a good DIY project. DIYs are fun and entertaining to do, and this one in particular, is so easy. You can do it on your spare time, and maybe even create several pieces in preparation for summer.

The cover-up we’re doing today follows Victoria Secret’s popular bikini wrap. We honestly can no longer remember when the lingerie label released the style, but it was such a huge hit and caused quite a craze. It came in short and long versions, and practically everyone grabbed a piece. If you need help remembering, allow us to refresh your memory with these pictures:

victoria secret bikini cover up wrap dress shortVictoria Secret Wrap Cover-Up, $49.50

victoria secret cover up long-2-horzVictoria Secret Long Wrap Cover-Up, $39.50 (sold out)

Back then, these wraps retailed at an easy $39.50 a piece. Today, you can still score one from the VS site but it will cost you $10 more (now at $49.50). Now if you want to be extra frugal about it, or you simply just want one that will have your desired length and width, you can actually do a little DIY instead. Not only will it be more fun and fulfilling to do, but it will only cost you $16 or less. If you have knitted cotton fabric lying around at home, you won’t even need to spend at all.

We discovered this really easy do-it-yourself video on YouTube. It requires very little sewing, and you don’t even need a machine! A big thank you to beauty blogger and vlogger, SimpLy Modish, for demonstrating this DIY so fabulously.

So what do you think? Will you give this project a go? Don’t you love how she braided the straps for the armholes? They really added a little extra, and made the cover-up look a bit more unique compared to the original.

If you need knitted cotton fabric for this project, you can actually purchase a yard via Amazon. Trust us, you won’t need more than a yard. Just make sure to grab a fabric that has at least a 56-inch width to it. You can try these gorgeous spotty prints we found. These retail under $10 but shipping will cost you $5.50:

58 inch wide laguna stretch cotton jersey leopard printKaufman Fabrics 58″ Wide Laguna Stretch Cotton Jersey in Leopard Print, $9.98/yard

58 inch wide laguna stretch cotton jersey cow spots printKaufman Fabrics 58″ Wide Laguna Stretch Cotton Jersey in Leopard Snow Print, $9.98/yard

Credit: SimpLy Modish

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