10 Unconventional Ways to Wear a Scarf

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Looking to wear your scarf in a whole new way? Well, today’s your day because we’re featuring a few tricks courtesy of some street stylistas. Our first stop for inspiration was Jak & Jil, Tommy Ton’s photo blog. Tommy is a genius at catching the details of an outfit, so ideas from his work were what we looked for first.  We also managed to score a few other copy-worthy street outfits from people who attended Fashion Week events in Paris this year. Scroll down to view the slide show, then tell us which looks you can’t wait to try.

1. Wear your scarf with a silk cocktail dress

Play with textures. Wear a matte textured scarf with a monochromatic silk dress to give your look a different flavor. Wrap the scarf around your neck several times before tying the ends into a loose knot. Tuck one end while expose the other.

Paris Fashion Week Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2014Guest outside the venue during Spring/Summer 2014 Paris Fashion Week, September 28, 2013

nordstrom cashmere wrapNordstrom Cashmere Wrap, $148

2. Go mod with the turban

Leave those caftans and kimonos at home, and the same goes for those flowy maxi dresses. Rock your head wrap or turban with a sleek mod dress instead. The cleaner the lines, the better. Don’t be afraid to mix colors if you want to.

Paris Fashion Week Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2014A guest in a mod outfit paired with a turban spotted during the Spring/Summer 2014 Paris Fashion Week, September 28, 2013

3. Just let it hang like a sash

Feeling lazy? Then this trick will be easy for you. Wear your scarf like a sash. Go with a belted look and insert your scarf through the belt to create the effect. Feel free to mix up the colors too!

Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014 - Street Style- AtmosphereA guest wears the scarf like a sash during the Fall 2014 Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week, July 2, 2013

4. Do the head wrap with a hat

Give your look a different twist by doing the double treatment. Wrap your head with a scarf then top it with an interesting hat. Make sure your head wrap is in contrasting color.

Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014 - Street Style- AtmosphereA guest wears two doses of head cover via a scarf and hat, Fall 2014 Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week, July 2, 2013

5. Wear luxe and shiny silk with double denim

Ok, this look is from a guy we spotted in Paris. But hey, his outfit was chic enough to draw the photogs’ attention so why not channel it? Do the rugged and casual double denim look (you don’t need the hat and boots for this), but create a fresh contrast by wearing it with a really luxurious silk scarf. This is actually the opposite of #1.

Paris Fashion Week Men's Spring /Summer 2014 Street StyleA guest in double denim worn with a silk scarf spotted outside the Valentino show during the Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 Paris Fashion Week, June 26, 2013

lanvin celebration square silk scarfLanvin Celebration Silk Square Scarf, $237 (was $395)

6. Mix prints from different color palettes

We all know mixing prints and patterns is an easy trick to spice up a scarf look, but it’s usually done using pieces that have the same color palette (for better harmony). Why not go against the flow by doing the opposite? This street style snap from Tommy Ton is a great example.

cbraschgivenchy tommy ton street snap new york may 20 2013 print on print scarf styleStreet style snap of a woman in a scarf and graphic tee taken by Tommy Ton in New York last May 20, 2013

7. Do the Rockabilly-bandanna hybrid

It’s not exactly quite like the Rockabilly, nor is it quite like the bandanna. It’s a mix of both. Simply fold your small square into a triangle (fold diagonally). Wrap from the back of your head, then tie the ends together into a knot at the center of your forehead. Basically, it’s like wearing the bandanna the other way around.

hanne gaby postcards september 28 paris fashion week head wrap 2013 tommy ton bandanna reverse style scarfModel Hanne Gaby Odiele checks through some postcards while rocking a metallic jacket and head wrap, Paris, May 28, 2013

nordstrom stripe square scarfNordstrom Stripe Square Scarf, $38

8. Mix a light-hued casual-looking scarf with a dark suit

Would you like to make your work attire look more interesting? Wear your dark suit with an unexpected piece, like a light-hued casual looking cotton or polyester scarf that’s really meant for jeans and t-shirts. Think you can handle that?

SS14_NewYork_Womens_november 13 2013 tommy ton street style scarf suit with casual scarfStreet style snap taken by Tommy Ton in New York, November 13, 2013

bp southwestern fringe scarfBP. Southwestern Scarf, $22

9. Go cowboy on the frilly and flowy

How about going for the cowboy effect with your frilly and flowy blouse? Adding the scarf will definitely give your ultra feminine attire a surprising twist.

hgodielevalentino frilly flowy top with western style scarf august 29 2013 tommy ton fashionHanne Gaby Odiele wears her frilly, flowy, and feminine blouse with a printed scarf worn the Western way, Paris, August 29, 2013

10. Drape like a shawl then fasten with a statement detail

This is actually our favorite because it gives the most impact. Wear your scarf like a cape or shawl (make sure you fold and create some sort of drape) then fasten with a statement detail like a contrasting pom-pom brooch or a large rosette pin. This works with both plain and printed scarves too.

redbomberkenzo tommy ton street style milan february 8 2013 red wrap scarfA red wrap with a touch of pom-pom – street style snap taken by Tommy Ton in Milan, February 8, 2013

nordstrom sparkle trim reversible ruanaNordstrom Sparkle Trim Reversible Ruana, $138

Well, can you tell us which of these fresh looks you’ll be channeling this season and the next? You know, these are all worth trying. We suggest you start with what’s easiest for you to do. And then once you’re done with those, try the more adventurous styles. Enjoy dressing up!

Credit: Marie Le Corre/News Pictures/Flavie Chevojon/Marcio Madeira/WENN.com/Tommy Ton/Jak &Jil

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