Meet the Top 10 Scarf Bloggers of September

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And just like that, September’s over. There’s no reason to put on a sad face, of course. We consider fall as one of the most exciting seasons of the year. You can get creative with layering, and there’s a certain kind of high that you acquire from choosing what pieces to pile on so you can brave the cold and windy day.

This year, fall is all about blanket wraps and mixing prints using scarves and dresses — a trend highly influenced by Burberry and style mavens like Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. This season, wearing a tapestry printed wrap or mixing prints with your midi frock and scarf are considered highly fashionable and up to the moment. Not that these trends never were, but more that they are now getting the much needed attention.

Our selection of bloggers for the month of September mainly include fashionistas mixing prints using scarves and frocks, as well as giving the blanket wrap their own unique spin. Of course, looks styled with luxe fur and classic neck warmers are also present. Check out our scarf bloggers for September and see if any of their looks will inspire you:

1. Hannah from Manchester, United Kingdom

Style your blanket wrap with a mini dress and knee-high boots. It’s a fail-safe and fool-proof outfit that will work no matter what. If it’s too cold outside, simply put on some hosiery. What we like about this look from 21-year-old blogger, Hannah, is the monochromatic palette. It looks classy and expensive.

Hannah is a law student from Manchester, United Kingdom. She documents her outfits and musings on Hannah Louise Fashion. Hanna is wearing a Topshop cape.

hannah louis ef blogger cape style 4

hannah louis ef blogger cape style

hannah louis ef blogger cape style 2

2. Sylvia from Germany

Yes, it’s cold outside. But this look from 25 years old blogger and photographer, Sylvia of Hug-You, is just too cool and summery to ignore. We just had to include it.

sylvia haghjoo scarf style blogger

Sylvia also knows how to put a scarf to good use. Check out her simple but chic outfit below. She styled the classic LBD with a two-tone scarf to make it look more interesting. Wouldn’t you want to give this scarf styling trick a try?

sylvia haghjoo scarf style blogger 3-horz

3. Jil from Belgium

Here’s another blanket-wrap look to consider. This one’s styled the casual-and-cool way. It’s the perfect lazy-day outfit, and all you will need are a few essentials such as a hat, and a cozy topper, of course.

This look is inspired by 22-year-old blogger and graduate of Communications and Multimedia Design, Jil of Jille Pille.

jille pille cape style blogger

4. Andrea from Germany

If you want to take your blanket wrap to a party, simply take a cue from Andrea of Andy’s Sparkles by swapping your boots for high heels. It’s also best to pick a dress that’s not to short.

andrea sparkles funk blogger cape style fall 2014

5. Pam from Panama, now baseed in San Francisco, United States

Here’s a look inspired by Olivia Palermo and that much hyped fall 2014 Burberry campaign. Except, our stylish blogger Pam, who was born and raised in Panama for 22 years and moved to the US with her husband, infused her own flavor into the pairing by mixing a printed scarf with a midi skirt and a button-up shirt. Belted on the waist, this look offers a refreshing silhouette that’s worth copying.

Visit Pam’s fashion and beauty blog, The Girl from Panama, for more fantastic outfit ideas.

pam hetlinger blogger scarf on dress style   fall 2014  2

pam hetlinger blogger scarf on dress style   fall 2014

6. Livia from Germany

Here’s another take on that Olivia-Palermo-slash-Burberry-inspired getup from Livia of Mode Faucon. But instead of using a midi dress, this fashionista chose a shorter hemline and wore the scarf asymmetrically, with one end falling longer than the other. Do you prefer this look?

livia auer scarf on dress print style blogger fall 2014 2

livia auer scarf on dress print style blogger fall 2014 3

livia auer scarf on dress print style blogger fall 2014

7.  Valerie from Germany

Fall’s warm and jewel tones get an update from Valerie of Simple et Chic. We’re loving the color play in this outfit. Aren’t you? In fact, if you’re out of ideas on how to rock your classic plaid or check scarf, this one’s definitely worth a try.

valerie simple et chic blogger plaid scarf style fall

valerie simple et chic blogger checkered scarf style fall

8. Yana from Ukraine, based in Boston, United States

It wouldn’t be fall and winter without a dose of fur. And for this post, fancy fur comes from a young and fabulous fashion blogger named Yana. We just had to feature this very simple but hip fur-styled ensemble from the 18-years-old stylista. We love the colorful topper and the way she mixed it with wide-leg pants. So chic, yes?

Yana is currently studying Fashion in Boston, but she is from Kyiv, Ukraine. Visit her blog, State of Yana, for more cool outfit ideas.



9. Gabrielle from Montreal, Canada

We’re huge suckers for black and white, and this mixology from Gabrielle of Dentelle + Fleurs is quite an eye candy. We’re loving the layering and the play of prints and textures in this look. This one is definitely for the books. Would you agree?

gabrielle lacasse dentelle fleurs blogger scarf style layering fall 2014 black white 2-horz

gabrielle lacasse dentelle fleurs blogger scarf style layering fall 2014 black white4

10. Carmen from Austria, now based in Germany

Here’s another layered look to consider. This one is from Carmen of Lack of Color. It’s an off-beat pairing that it’s easy to pull off. The trick is to make sure you layer the right colors. Are you you for it?

carmen wo blogger scarf style fall 2014

carmen wo blogger scarf style fall 2014 2

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