Dita Von Teese Rocks Trainers and a Turban in Sicily

Can you actually look chic while wearing trainers?

Athletic, casual, sporty — yes — but never chic. However, if you’re Dita von Teese, yes you can. Check out this picture posted by the burlesque queen on her Instagram account. Dita flew to a spa in Sicily to detoxify (how cool and expensive is that?!), and they made her wear ultra-comfortable rubber shoes for the session. In an effort to make them look fashionable, Dita paired the trainers with an all-black sweatsuit and finished off the outfit with a black cardi and scarf. Altogether, you could say she made the footwear look mega stylish.

dita von teese head wrap sicilyDita tries to make her sporty trainers look chic by wearing them with a turban and an all-black ensemble, January 31, 2014

Now let’s rewind a little bit and switch our attention to Dita’s head wrap. She is undoubtedly one of the very select few who can pull off the turban. Would you agree?

It’s not that it’s difficult to do, but it certainly isn’t always flattering. Dita actually made it her “uniform” of sort, while out in Sicily that day. Here are a few more of her pictures.

dita von teese sicily turban head wrap

dita von teese sicily turban head wrap 2Dita wears the turban with a long coat while vacationing in Sicily, January 31, 2014

If you want to give the turban a try a la Dita here, you will need a couple of scarves. You can use thin ones that are easy to wrap. We also recommend stretchy jersey scarves because they will really hug your head. Here are some super affordable options you can try:

front row society circus in town scarfFront Row Society Circus in Town Scarf, $38

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Also, check out this tutorial from blogger, pRoy of Steel Feather Lace Elephant. Doing the turban really isn’t as complicated as it looks, especially with this helpful video:

Credit: Dita von Teese Instagram / pRoy Steel Feather Lace Elephant

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