Meet the Top 10 Scarf Bloggers of February 2014

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How’s your winter so far?

We hope you are able to make good use of your scarves. For style inspiration, you can always look us up, as we regularly feature fabulously styled celebrities and bloggers you can get ideas from. Check out 10 looks from the ten bloggers we’re showcasing for the month February. Which of these outfits will you copy this season:

1. Rachel Marie Iwanyszyn from New York

Originally from Detroit, Rachel is a model and photographer who will not only remind you of Zooey Deschanel, but will wow you with her carefully.put-together outfits as well. Here, she fashions two different looks using a DKNY scarf and an exquisite kimono. Which of the two (outfits) do you like better?

More of Rachel’s style at Jag Lever (it means “I live” in Swedish).

rachel marie scarf style jag lever blog 2-horz

rachel marie kimono style jag lever blog-horz

2. Paula Deiros from Spain

Paula has many talents. She’s a guru in tourism (she took the degree), she’s a Galician music teacher, an opera singer, a violinist, and on top of that, she’s also a blogger. She’s into food and travel; and she obviously loves bold animal prints and scarves too, judging from the outfits below. Do you like her style?

Don’t forget to visit Paula’s website, Paula Deiros’ Secrets.

paula deiros blog scarf style-horz

paula deiros blog scarf style 4-horz

3. Pouline Gernes from Sweden

We weren’t able to find out much about Pouline, but we’re pretty certain the 17-year-old blogger is a pro at layering, judging from the fabulously-piled-on outfit below. The blend of textures simply looks awesome; it’s honestly quite fascinating!

Don’t forget to check out Pouline’s namesake blog for more layering ideas.

pouline gernes blog chunky fringe scarf style

pouline gernes blog chunky fringe scarf style 4

4. Coco Bolinho from the United States

Coco is one of the two bloggers behind Style & Glaze, a fashion and beauty blog filled with looks and reviews on nail polish, makeup, and more. Don’t you just love the outfits she put together below? They’re simple, laid back, yet oh-so chic! (Scarf in first pic is from Zara)

coco bolinho style & glaze blog scarf style

coco bolinho style & glaze blog scarf style 2

5. Rio Dienn from Japan

Much like Style & Glaze, Fashion Bento is another blog authored by two lovely ladies — Rio Dienn (below) and Tina. The two have wowed countless readers with their online diary. Rio, for one, is such a guru at concocting striking looks. A case in point would be the outfit below. See how she made the all-black ensemble stand out with shots of blue and red? Do you like her look?

rio fashion bento plaid scarf blog style 2-horz

rio fashion bento plaid scarf blog style 3

6.  Patricia B. from Slovakia

The moment we saw Patricia, two things came to mind. Fashion savvy and fantastic nails. Here, the 17-year-old Ma Coco Vie blogger uses an ASOS Scarf as her statement piece. Again, we can’t help but be fascinated with the nails…and the scarf, of course.

patricia b ma coco vie scarf style

patricia b ma coco vie scarf style 2

7. Giuliana Bernaola from Lima, Peru

Giuliana of The Art Sartorialist is a Peruvian model with style-star qualities. Below she turns a Ferragamo scarf into a stunning headband and mixes the piece with a printed clutch. How do you like the combo? So chic, yes?!

giuliana bernaola the art sartorialist blog style scarf headwrap 2

giuliana bernaola the art sartorialist blog style scarf headwrap

8. Alexander Liang from Canada

Alexander is one of Canada’s top fashion influencers. Aside from blogging, he is an entrepreneur, and the founder and Editor-in-chief of Kenton Magazine. He is a well-dressed gentleman with an insatiable taste for scarves. Check out his impeccable Fashion Week style. Do check out his blog for more outfit ideas.

alexander liang nyfw purple scarf style

alexander liang nyfw checkered scarf style

alexander liang london fashion week fur scarf style

9. Marta P. from Spain

One look at Marta and you can tell the girl’s got spunk, edge, and glamour to boot. Did we mention she’s extremely beautiful as well? With her looks and fashion sense, the stunning blogger, who is also a student, personal shopper, and stylist, can easily command attention wherever she goes.

Here, she models a gorgeous paisley-print scarf with a little white dress. The mix sounds ordinary, but on her, it’s very striking. Would you agree?

Catch Marta by visiting her blog, Addict Be Iconic.

marta p addict be iconic scarf style luxyra

marta p addict be iconic scarf style luxyra 2

10. Dominika “Niema” Pietrzyba from Poland

Dominika doesn’t write much, but her pictures are worth a thousand words. We noticed that she is also a DIY’er. The purple check scarf she’s wearing in the pictures (below) is actually one of her very own creations. Dominika documents her outfits on her blog, NieMa. Don’t forget to check it out.

dominika p nie ma blog scarf style 2

dominika p nie ma blog scarf style

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