Fearne Cotton in Beaded Scarf With Navy Slouchy Sweater

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Fearne Cotton always has this slightly off-beat style that makes us both admire and question it at the same time. Just a few days ago, we found her in a pretty patterned poncho from her own fashion line. Everything was perfect except for her choice of footwear.

Recently, well, more like yesterday, we saw the radio personality don a rather pretty scarf, but there was one problem —the outfit she wore it with was a little off — just a teeny tiny bit. You know, the kind of feeling you get when something’s not right.

Fearne wore the scarf with a navy slouchy sweater over a slightly loose blue printed pants. She belted the topper on the waist with a suede cincher. Capping off everything was a pair of camel suede ankle boots, a red purse, sunnies, and aqua-blue nail polish.

From the sound of that, would you say it was an on-point combination?

Fearne Cotton in loose blue printed pants arrives at BBC Radio 1 StudiosFearne Cotton in loose blue printed pants arrives at BBC Radio 1 Studios in London on October 3, 2013

So what do you think? Did she score a hit?

Sorry, we can’t say she looked perfectly put together, however, Fearne is Fearne, and she was able to pull off the outfit like it was completely natural. Besides, we do love that scarf around her neck. We’re actually more than a little curious about it. Here’s a closer look:

Fearne Cotton's beaded scarfFearne Cotton’s beaded scarf

The piece looks exotic. It’s beaded and embroidered, and it looks quite stunning up close.

Silky beaded scarves like that are perfect for dressier occasions. But you can rock them with casual outfits too (a la Fearne).

We couldn’t find the details on Fearne’s exquisite extra at the moment, but if you want something similar, you have two options: a) do a little DIY using a plain silk scarf, some crystals, and glass beads; or b) head over to Farfetch and grab this piece from Akira:

Akira Embellished Scarf, $1,000

Akira Embellished Scarf

It’s quite pricey so that may put you off. In any case, if you’re too lazy for option 1, you can always look for alternatives from more affordable sites or labels. Here’s one from Overstock that won’t cost you more than $100:

Selection Privee Paris Carla Sequined Wool Wrap, $67

Selection Privee Paris 'Carla' Brown Paisley Sequined Wool Wrap

Credit: Duval / WENN

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