Alessandra Ambrosio in Purple Scarf While Shopping for a Cellphone

Don’t you ever wish you didn’t have a bad angle? I do. And I envy supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio because even when she’s not modeling, she always takes good pictures.

She’s the only model I’ve seen so far who has managed to look good, and I mean picture perfect good, even when the shots were candid (sorry Giselle, you didn’t make the cut). It’s like her face and movements were naturally meant for the camera. Ok, I’m rambling here, but just take a look at these pictures.

Alessandra Ambrosio out shopping for a cellphone

Alessandra Ambrosio out shopping for a cellphone

Alessandra Ambrosio out shopping for a cellphoneAlessandra Ambrosio out shopping for a cellphone in New York City on April 23, 2010

That’s a candid shot, but she looks like she’s shooting for some cell phone ad campaign, right? She was spotted in New York last April by photogs and they couldn’t get enough of her. I understand why.

Now the outfit is nothing special; just a loose tank, a cardi, and jeans. But she looks so good and I know why. Apart from her good looks and supermodel frame, that touch of purple scarf did the trick. It spruced her up and gave her casual appearance a more glamorous appeal. Of course, the sunglasses did great in adding coolness into the equation as well.

Credit: Patricia Schlein/WENN

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