Abbey Clancy Overdoses Herself with Fur

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We like fur, though honestly, we like faux fur rather than anything else.  We love the kind of elegance and glamour one gets out of rocking, say, a fur coat or a fur scarf. It’s no secret that wearing fur is like sporting a crown on your head. It’s a statement piece meant to be noticed. And because it attracts so much attention, fur requires little to no other decoration.

Speaking of fur, British model, Abbey Clancy was spotted sporting a healthy dose of white fur for Nick Grimshaw’s birthday party last week. The leggy blond arrived at the event in an all-black attire decorated with nothing but a chunky and furry white topper. It was obviously a fur vest, only, it had a series of “tails” hanging from it, making Abbey look a little strange. The silhouette it created was unusual, and she looked like she was drowning in the piece.

Nick Grimshaw celebrates his birthday at Shoreditch House

Nick Grimshaw celebrates his birthday at Shoreditch House

Nick Grimshaw celebrates his birthday at Shoreditch HouseAbbey Clancy sports an all-black outfit and a heavy white fur vest with furry tails hanging from it as she attends Nick Grimshaw’s birthday party at Shoreditch House in London, England, on August 15, 2014

Can you appreciate the outfit? Did Abbey Clancy just overdose herself with fur?

Perhaps, or perhaps not. It will all depend on who’s looking at the outfit. Obviously, she’s wearing the genuine article and the “tails” are from a certain body part of the animal. Personally, we think a simple faux fur vest, stole, or scarf would have been enough — something like this affordable piece from Eliza J, for example:

eliza j faux fur stole 1

eliza j faux fur stoleEliza J Faux Fur Stole, $98

Simply use the stole over an all-black outfit just like Abbey’s, and you’re all set. Finish the mix with a black purse and some black heels, and et voila, instant fabulousity.

Credit: WENN

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