3 Easy Ways to Wear a Square Scarf Around Your Neck

Scarves are versatile accessories that come in many shapes and sizes. You have the infinity or loop scarf (which can be worn in 7 different ways), the rectangle (which is the most common), the extra long, the triangle, the circle scarf, and then of course, the most classic of them all — the square scarf. The type of scarf you have generally dictates how you can wear it.

Today, we’re going to feature a few easy ways you can style the classic square. You usually use a square if you want to wear the scarf as a bandanna or a choker (neckerchief). But in case you want a few more (laid-back) ideas, try these three tricks instead.

1. The Jesse James Knot

This is very simple and easy to do. You don’t need to be a scarf guru to do this style!

a) Simply Create a Triangle by Folding the Square Scarf Diagonally

Fold to Triangle Shape

b) Wrap Ends Around Your Neck, Let Them Hang at the Sides

Wrap Simply Around Your Neck  Wrap Simply Around Your Neck 2

c) You’re Done!

Ready to Go

2. The Triangle Knot

Much like the Jesse James Knot, you will need to create a triangle shape with the scarf and then wrap it around your neck. Once you’ve done that, tie the ends together into a tiny knot on one side and tuck under to hide. You’re good to go! Easy-peasy, right?

a). Fold the scarf diagonally to create a triangle shape

how-wear-square-scarf-triangle-alpha-gypsy - 1

how-wear-square-scarf-triangle-alpha-gypsy - 1 2

b.) Wrap the scarf around your neck

how-wear-square-scarf-triangle-alpha-gypsy 2

c.) Create a little knot with the scarf’s edges

how-wear-square-scarf-triangle-alpha-gypsy - 3

d.) Tuck the knot underneath the scarf and you’re done!


3. The Morana Knot

The Morana Knot is a lot like the Triangle Knot except you’re supposed to cross the ends and make a bigger knot that looks cleaner and nicer. Also, you’re supposed to tie at the center front instead of the side, and leave the knot exposed. It sounds complicated but if you look at the pictures below, it’s really easy to do.

a.) Create a triangle shape by folding the scarf diagonally

The-Morana-knot - 1

The-Morana-knot - 2

b.) Wrap the scarf around your neck and cross the edges


c.) Make a knot using the scarf’s edges and make sure the knot is at the center

The-Morana-knot 3 a

d.) You’re done! No need to tuck the knot underneath the scarf


So are you ready to rock some of these looks? We actually got this how-to guide from our friends over at Alpha Gypsy, an international label that offers gorgeous and vibrantly printed 100% silk scarves at attainable prices. You can shop for the scarves featured above on their site.

alpha gypsy bunting square scarfAlpha Gypsy Bunting Scarf, $89

alpha gypsy universe will provide scarfAlpha Gypsy Universe Will Provide Scarf, $89

If you’re on a tight budget and can only shell out a little amount for a new square scarf, try this fabulous number from Topshop. It retails at an affordable $28. Below it is another option from Collection XIIX — a piece that is currently on sale at $16.80:

topshop butterfly print square scarfTopshop Butterfly Print Square Scarf, $28

collection xiix skull garden square scarfCollection XIIX Skull Garden Square Scarf, $16.80 (was $28)

Credit: Alpha Gypsy

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