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Betsey Johnson Gets Extra Playful with Her Scarves!

Every now and then, we do get bored with the usual floral, art deco, and abstract patterns. If you’re feelin’ the same way, here’s what we can suggest – grab these fresh-off-the-house printed scarves from Betsey Johnson! Don’t worry, you won’t see the typical because these pieces are playfully illustrated; like a comic strip! On […]

Another Collectible: The Felix Rey Dear John Scarf

Guess what? I found another scarf worth collecting while browsing through Shopbop today. Check out this silky number with an actual letter on it! It’s from Felix Rey, called the Dear John Scarf. The moment you see it, you really can’t help but stop and take a moment to read what’s written: Felix Rey Dear […]

Brand of the Day: Hand-Drawn Scarves From Lauren Moshi

Check out these really cool and fun scarves from Lauren Moshi. I am so in love with the prints. They’re fun, cool, and very interesting. In case you don’t know, these are actually hand-drawn, not something generated from some graphic designing software. Lauren Moshi Bullet Heart Scarf in Black, $88 Lauren Moshi Happy Face Scarf […]

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