Will You Turn Your Scarf Into a Baby Sling and Vise Versa?

Correct us if we’re wrong, but we seriously think baby slings originated from scarves or oversized wraps. It’s true that you can now easily buy ready-made baby slings, but we bet back in the day, the mommies simply improvised by using a large piece of fabric. In fact, there’s no stopping you from doing the exact same thing if you don’t want to spend on an actual sling. You can create your own using a large stretchy scarf. Yep, scarves are such multi-taskers that you can even use them on your babies. How cool is that?!

Now speaking of which, check out Kate Hudson keeping her tiny tot close with a really cute sling while arriving at LAX late last month. Tell us the good ol’ scarf didn’t cross your mind the moment you laid eyes on these pictures. Because we bet it did!

kate hudson baby sling wrap LAX july 30Kate Hudson arrives at LAX with her baby in tow, July 31, 2013

Ready-made baby slings like Kate’s, are usually reinforced for safety reasons.  They also come with adjusters so you can “fine tune” the carrier according to your height and the baby’s size. But here’s a hypothetical question for you — if you were so dang broke that you couldn’t afford a real baby sling (or you simply don’t have one and you suddenly need it), will you be willing to improvise and come up with a sling using a scarf from your closet? Or how about this question — would you use a baby sling (like Kate Hudson’s pretty striped carrier) as a neck warmer or fashion accessory?

If your answer to both is a yes, then here’s a scarf from LAmade that is perfect for turning into a DIY baby sling project. It’s large and long enough, it’s made of cool and stretchy micromodal jersey, and it retails at an easy $48.

So what do you think? Are you game?

lamade zingo scarf 2-horzLAMade Zingo Scarf, $48

Credit: Michael Wright/WENN.com

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