How to Fashionably Wear a Scarf Like Jennifer Garner

I don’t want to sound mean, but when it comes to the term “stylish celebrity mom”, I think of Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba, NOT Jennifer Garner. However, I do love the actress. Apart from being quite charming with real talent to boot, she also seems really genuine. And the fact that almost every pic of her on the web shows her on mommy duty also makes me think she’s the kind of person who really puts her family first.

She’s definitely not into fashionable dressing, though she does make a tiny-teeny bit of effort by topping her usual look, which usually includes a long-sleeve sweater or shirt plus jeans, with a scarf. Check out Jen and her usual mommy duty “uniform” below:

Jennifer Garner and her daughter Seraphina Affleck walking outside of Starbucks in Santa Monica on February 6, 2012

  A heavily pregnant Jennifer Garner leaving a ballet class with her daughters Los Angeles on February 18, 2012

Definitely not what you’d call interesting, right?

Now among all the “generic” errand outfits, it’s this look she put together right before she delivered her third child (yey! congrats Jen!) that I really like (so far). For one, it’s nice to see her step up a little by using a printed scarf instead of the usual plain. And for another, I love the fact that she chose a bold and daring catty pattern to go with her otherwise colorless outfit. The contrast is gorgeous and it really brightened up her face by a mile:

Jennifer Garner shopping in Brentwood on February 1, 2012

Using a leopard or cheetah printed accessory is the quickest way to add “oomph” to a boring attire. You can easily tell the difference; I mean, doesn’t she look better with it compared to those other outfits?

I don’t have any information on Jennifer’s printed scarf yet, but do remember to take a cue from her here. Remember that one easy way you can spice up a bland get-up is by topping it with a leopard print scarf.

Credit: WENN/JMZ

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