How to Wear a Patterned Wrap with Printed Loafers Like Olivia Palermo

We often talk about mixing prints here on Scarves Wraps. Usually, it’s done using a printed scarf and dress — like the ensembles Olivia wore during the recent Fashion Week season (read posts here and here) — or with a printed scarf over a patterned shirt or sweater.

Today, however, we’re going to talk about how you can style one of the season’s favorite extra — the blanket wrap, which usually comes in a tapestry-inspired print or pattern — with other busy accessories, like printed loafers or embroidered smoking slippers. We’re drawing inspiration from none other than the pro herself, Olivia Palermo.

The stunning socialite was once again spotted sporting the famous monogrammed blanket wrap from Burberry while running errands with her dog in Brooklyn a couple of weeks back.

For the outing, Olivia decked herself in a comfortable attire of black sweater and black skinny jeans, but styled her look with accessories that truly transformed her appearance. She topped the all-black attire with the colorful wrap, then complemented the mix with a brown Fendi purse, a purple hat, and some oh-so exquisite floral loafers. As expected, she looked fabulously chic in the getup.

olivia palermo style blanket wrap hat loafers october fall 2014 2-horz

olivia palermo style blanket wrap hat loafers october fall 2014


olivia palermo style blanket wrap hat loafers october fall 2014 0Olivia Palermo turns an all-black attire into something more elaborate with the use of a patterned blanket wrap, a purple hat, and a pair of floral flats while running errands in Brooklyn, New York City, on October 21, 2014

Doesn’t she look amazing? Wouldn’t you want to copy her outfit?

It’s actually easy to do. The trick is to use pieces that belong to the same color palette, or as close to it as possible. In this case, Olivia chose dark jewel tones and black to be able to mix two different patterns.

Olivia’s monogrammed Burberry wrap will cost you thousands of dollars, and the embroidered floral flats, which are from Alexander McQueen, will set  you back about $700.

If you have the moolah to spend that much on a single outfit, then by all means, we’re not going to stop you. But if you want more bang for your buck, allow us to offer you the recommendations below, starting with the super affordable wrap from Topshop. It’s made of 100% acrylic so it’s guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty during the cold season:

topshop blanket stitch cape1 3-horzTopshop Blanket Stitched Cape, $68

Wear this blanket wrap with black skinny jeans, a black sweater, a dark green hat, and some floral print loafers like the ones we’ve selected below, and you’re all set to looking like Olivia:

topshop blanket stitch cape1. Topshop Blanket Stitched Cape, $68 / 2. Ted Baker Jadey Loafers, $80 (was $120) / 3. Topshop Moto Jamie Skinny Jeans, $70 / 4. David & Young Felt Fedora, $28 / 5. Halogen Eyelash Knit Crew Neck Sweater, $68

Credit: WENN

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