Stay Fashionable with fashionABLE Scarves and Help Exploited Women in Africa


Here’s another Fashion For a Cause we highly recommend you patronize – fashionABLE, a non-profit that supports oppressed and sexually exploited women in Africa by providing them with a sustainable livelihood through the art of scarf making. All proceeds from the sale of fashionABLE scarves are then used to rehabilitate and train these women so they can rebuild their lives and earn a decent living by creating scarves instead of resorting to prostitution.

Buying a scarf from fashionABLE feels even more personal because they actually name each scarf for a woman whose life has changed for the better with the help of the cause, so you actually feel like you’re making a difference when you buy one of their scarves.


minka-kelly-supports-fashionABLE(resized)Celebrities like Minka Kelly actually support the cause as well. In fact, the brunette beauty traveled to Ethiopia to help launch fashionABLE…

Right now, you can purchase fashionABLE’s scarves via their website, or through official retailers throughout the United States (you can find the list on their website). Helping these women regain their self-respect and their lives won’t cost you much because most of the scarves retail well below $40.

All the scarves are gorgeous and easy-on-the-eyes too so not only will you get to help, but you’ll get to own a fabulous, outrageously soft, handmade scarf as well! Here are a couple of choices we picked out:

fashionABLE Meselu Scarf in Jade Green, $32 (SOLD OUT)

fashionABLE Dember Scarf in Multi, $36 (SOLD OUT)

By the way, there’s a video on their website that is also quite helpful. It shows stylist Amber Lehman demonstrating 27 ways you can wear your scarf. Did you get that? It’s a total of 27 ways:

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