Would You Wear Daphne Guinness’ Heel-Less and Sparkly Outfit?

While Daphne Guinness can’t give Lady Gaga a run for her money in the fashion department, the British personality sure can put on a spectacle. Daphne wore a rather interesting outfit that was very hard to ignore while out and about in New York early this month. We’re not sure if she was headed to an event or if she simply wanted people to stare, but the look she put together was certainly worth writing about.

The artist was decked in a pair of glittery heel-less shoes and a gold metallic jacket. And as if the two statement pieces weren’t enough to catch attention, she also wore a bohemian-looking bag beaded and embroidered with all sorts of patterns, as well as a sequined scarf wrapped around her neck. Check out Daphne’s outfit below and tell us what you think:

Daphne Guinness out and about in New York City

Daphne Guinness out and about in New York City

Daphne Guinness out and about in New York City

Daphne Guinness out and about in New York CityDaphne Guinnes wears an odd blend of accessories while out and about in New York City, May 5, 2014

Well, any thoughts? She looks quite strange in the whole assortment of add-ons, yes? However, like Lady Gaga, she managed the look well enough. Suffice it to say, her personality suits her unique style.

That said, do you think you can wear her outfit, heel-less shoes, sparkly scarf, and all? Would you even consider it?

We can’t say we’re big fans of heel-less shoes, but the sequined scarf looks promising. If you wear it right, a sequined scarf can actually do wonders to your look. It can glam up an otherwise ordinary ensemble in a snap.

We don’t know where Daphne scored her sequined neck-warmer, but a similar piece from Rachel Zoe is currently on sale right now at 6pm if you want something similar.

It’s an extra long topper that you can wrap around your neck or even wear as a sexy halter top. You can score it in brown or gold, whichever you prefer. The sale price is a promo price so it can change anytime. If you want the sparkly scarf, better grab it while it’s available. Remember, the best way to rock a sequined scarf is to wear it with simple pieces — like jeans and a classic white top, or a little black dress with a simple silhouette.

rachel zoe sequined signature long scarf dark brown-horz

rachel zoe sequined signature long scarf-horzRachel Zoe Sequined Signature Long Scarf, $117 (was $210)

Credit: TNYF/WENN.com

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