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4 Layering Staples You’ll Need to Get Through Fall 2014 in Style

Fall is officially here. Well, almost. It’s right at the doorstep, and that can only mean one thing — you have to be geared for it. Of all the seasons in a year, fall, or what the Brits like to call autumn, is our favorite. It’s when you can be at your most creative — sartorially speaking. […]

3 Vibrant Vivienne Westwood Prints to Love!

Are you a Vivienne Westwood fan? Then perhaps you’ll delight in these fresh scarves from the designer’s recent collection. These come with vibrant prints that are quite hard to resist. Fashion one over a simple tee to turn your look into fab. Or simply use it as a cover-up to add flavor into a beach […]

Scarf Embellished Clothing, Bags, and Footwear

Here’s a round of scarf decorated pieces for you. These are not only fun to wear, but spring and summer friendly as well. A scarf isn’t just for wearing around the neck after all. Depending on the size, you can use it as a bag decoration, as straps to your sandals, as a belt, as […]

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