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How to Look Rocker Chic in a Scarf Belt Like Fergie

We were initially going to coin this post “How to Look Rocker Chic in a Bandanna”, but then that would have sounded too cliché. Plus, we didn’t want you to conjure up an image of Axl Rose and his signature attire — long hair with a bandanna wrapped around his head — hence the title. It’s no secret […]

Angelina Jolie Is Extra Elegant in a Saint Laurent Cape

By now, news of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy are everywhere. As to when (exactly) she had the surgery, we don’t know. But we do commend her for being brave and courageous enough to a.) go through with the procedure, and b.) tell the whole world about it. We’re huge Angie fans here and this recent act of […]

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