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10 Unique Fall 2014 Scarves You Will Love This October

Just because you’ve already purchased what you need for fall and winter doesn’t mean you’re going to stop shopping, right? If you’re fond of looking through your favorite online stores, chances are, you’re bound to grab something on a monthly basis. Perhaps even on a weekly basis, if you have a lot of cash to […]

A Genius Way to Wear a Scarf with a Dress a La Olivia Palermo

There are days when we wish we can just post any celebrity picture on this blog without worrying about copyright laws. Sadly, we are bound by such laws and we have to follow them. Our post for today involves such a picture. It’s this photo of the perennially stylish Olivia Palermo attending the Chadstone Icons […]

4 Ways to Wear Your Floral Scarf This Spring and Summer

Nothing represents spring and summer better than floral print, so it’s only but natural for us to rock it during both seasons. One great way to wear floral is by accessorizing with a floral-print scarf — those in bright or pastel shades that depict the cheery mood of the sunny weather. While there are countless ways […]

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