Beautiful Scarves with a Cause: Alexandra Taylor for Nothing But Nets

ScarvesWraps is now officially an Alexandra Taylor fan. Anyone who uses her passion for fashion for a good cause gets thumbs up from us. Alexandra Taylor, a Parsons graduate who launched her avante garde fashion line last year, has collaborated with Nothing But Nets (a global campaign created to raise awareness and funding for the combat of malaria, one of the largest killers of children in Africa) for an advocacy that one can only label  as “fashion for a cause”.

With her flair for fashion and  innate creativity, Alexandra has developed a line of beautifully printed scarves inspired from anti-mosquito bed nets, the main tool used by Nothing But Nets to help prevent malaria.

alexandra-taylor-for-nothing-but-nets-campaignAlexandra Taylor for Nothing But Nets Scarves

For every scarf you buy, Alexandra Taylor will donate $10 of the profit to the campaign, an amount which already covers the cost of production and distribution of one insecticide treated anti-mosquito bed net.

The scarves can be purchased on the Alexandra Taylor website. One will cost you between $42 to $92 depending on the fabric used (100% silk, silk-cotton mix, silk-wool mix). The designer herself,  was actually kind enough to send us a couple of samples (special thanks to Ms. Alexandra Taylor). Our scarves arrived in style in a sleek metallic envelope with a small note about her effort with Nothing But Nets included:


There were two types of scarves in the package, one a fine silk-cotton mix with an interesting abstract mosquito design in light grey color (as seen below):

Alexandra Taylor for Nothing But Nets Silk and Cotton Abstract Print Scarf, $50

The other was a pure silk  gauzy/mesh type of scarf with a more vivid mosquito print in purple and light peach (as seen below):

Alexandra Taylor for Nothing But Nets Silk Mesh Mosquito Print Scarf, $42

We couldn’t help but squeal in delight as we tried each one on. The scarves were soft to touch and cool to the skin, especially the silk mesh.

Both are quite ideal for warm weather actually. Though if the temp is really high in your area, we would recommend the silk mesh for day and the silk cotton for night. If you want something for cooler weather, you can buy the silk wool mix.

Alexandra Taylor for Nothing But Nets Double Sided Mosquito Print Silk Wool Scarf, $92 / Alexandra Taylor for Nothing But Nets Silk Wool Abstract Print Scarf, $70

Now because the print is so unique, you can actually use the scarf as a statement piece. You can wear it around your neck, on your wrist (yes, like a cuff with a ribbon), as a hair piece, as a belt/sash, and even use it to decorate your bag. You can basically style it any way you want, and it will look fab. Of course, how you can wear it will also depend on the thickness and size of the scarf.

If reading this is already getting you excited to purchase, then simply visit AlexandraTaylor and pick the scarf you want. Not only will you be receiving a gorgeous designer scarf, but you will also be preventing a child from contracting malaria.

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