Cozy Finds: 8 Infinity Scarves Under $100

When we’re talking scarves during the fall to winter season, warmth is the primary objective. And sometimes, splurging on luxurious chunky knits is far better than going for the cheap but flimsy option that will leave our heads frozen. Fortunately, there are scarves that strike a great balance between quality and afforability. If you’re thinking of updating your wardrobe for the cooler months without wanting to break bank, this list is definitely for you!

1. Cheap Monday Down the Tube Scarf, $75

Cheap Monday - Down The Tube Scarf

Still can’t afford those chunky knit infinity scarves we saw from the Marc Jacobs runway eons ago? Well drown in the coziness of this cheaper alternative which also goes with practically everything you wear.

2. Cool Nights Infinity Scarf, $35

Cool Nights Infinity Scarf

For $35 bucks, your knitted infinity scarf gets some glitter. Amazing over your dress and under a coat on date nights.

3. Adore Me Infinity Scarf, $35

Adore Me Infinity Scarf

Want to pull off boho chic a la Vanessa Hudgens, smack in the middle of October? This oxblood loose net scarf will certainly not disappoint while keeping the cold at bay.

4. Emerald Isle Scarf, $40

Emerald Isle Scarf

The leaves may have changed their colors and lakes might be frozen over, but this gold and teal scarf won’t let you forget ┬áthe glittering aqua blue sea from your summer beach escape.

5. Warm and Toasty Infinity Scarf, $40

Warm And Toasty Infinity Scarf

Looking a little pale? The burnt orange weave of this hefty infinity scarf will liven up your face while the sun hides behind snow-bearing clouds. Perfect with a brown leather jacket.

6. Rainbow Embers Infinity Scarf, $50

Rainbow Embers Infinity Scarf

You’re lively, you’re fun. A rainbow-colored scarf will keep that bubbly personality from drowning amongst the moody grey of winter or deepening orange and red of fall.

7. Cinnamon Stick Infinity Scarf, $30

Cinnamon Stick Infinity Scarf

Reserve this one for the barrage of holiday parties you’ll be attending. Its metallic burgundy pebble coating is the right hue and shine for spreading holiday fashion cheer.

8. Night Winder Infinity Scarf, $88

Night Winder Infinity Scarf

This grey and black tube infinity scarf is a stylish, modern choice for the urban lady. Match it to your over-the-knee boots or super skinny jeans.

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