How to Look Elegant in Your Thong Sandals Like Cindy Crawford

Here’s another great example of how a scarf can do wonders to your outfit, no matter how ordinary it is.

Check out Cindy Crawford’s airport style from her trip back to Los Angeles recently. The former supermodel was decked in simple sweater and jeans as she arrived at LAX with her daughter early this month. Her attire for the day was certainly nothing fancy; and it was even extra casual given the pair of shoes she used to go with — flat thong sandals. Despite the laid-back ensemble, however, Cindy still managed to look elegant as she made her way out of the airport. Her secret — a pair of sunglasses for added drama, plus a gorgeously printed scarf.

Cindy Crawford and her daughter arrive at Los Angeles International Airport

Cindy Crawford and her daughter arrive at Los Angeles International AirportCindy Crawford looks elegant in casual clothing as she arrives at LAX with her daughter on October 6, 2014

Ok, we admit. Perhaps being tall and statuesque helped a little in the looking good department. But if we “isolate” that particular characteristic and put the same outfit on a small lady like, say, Vanessa Hudgens, you’ll still get the same elegant vibe.

That’s basically the power of a good scarf. In which case, this is a cue all of us should take, should we find ourselves in a pair of flip flops or thong sandals with our sweater and jeans. Simply up the ante by topping the combination with a colorful scarf and voila! You don’t look too shabby anymore.

Try these pretty printed neck warmers from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg to copy Cindy’s style. The piece from MMJ is crafted from 100% gauze wool, and comes printed with the label’s logo. The extra from DVF, on the other hand, is crafted from modal-silk blend so it’s extra soft, cool, and smooth. Wear any of these scarves with a colorless sweater and cropped skinny jeans, then you’re all set!

marc by marc jacobs grrl scarf 2-horzMARC by Marc Jacobs Grrl Printed Scarf, $148

diane von furstenberg vintage patch scarf 2-horzDiane von Furstenberg Vintage Patch Scarf, $198

Credit: WENN

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