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Carrie Underwood Strikes Back in a Skull Printed Alexander McQueen

Yesterday, we saw Carrie Underwood mix a red quilted jacket with a bright blue checkered scarf. Today, the country crooner is back here on Scarves & Wraps after being spotted with another neck warmer. This time, she opted for an iconic piece with skull drawings on it – yes, a scarf from Alexander McQueen!

Carrie wore the skull printed scarf while signing autographs outside the The Stage Door of the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. And as expected, she wore it with the same red quilted jacket we saw her wear back in London:

Carrie Underwood meets her fans at The Stage Door of The Olympia March 14 Ireland

March 14 Ireland Carrie Underwood meets her fans at The Stage Door of The Olympia Theatre ahead of her concertCarrie Underwood signs autographs and meets her fans outside The Stage Door of the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, March 14

How do you like the new mix she put together? Definitely better than the last time, yes? She certainly looks more effortless. Would you agree?

Carrie’s Alexander McQueen scarf isn’t available online, but you can find other skull printed scarves from the label at stores like Nordstrom, SAKS, Zappos, and Neiman Marcus to name a few.

Also note that McQueen’s iconic Skull Scarf comes in an assortment of fabrics – from silk chiffon, to cotton, to modal, to rayon, to wool, so be sure to pick the one you fancy best (or at least one that’ll suit the weather):

alexander mcqueen skull scarf in silk chiffon

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf in Silk Chiffon, $295

alexander mcqueen skull scarf in modal blackAlexander McQueen Skull Scarf in Modal Chiffon, $445

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