Time to Swap Your Wraps for These Cover-Ups!

We’re giving our scarves a break by swapping them for cover-ups! Life’s a beach with these pretty, lightweight wraps that will go perfectly with our favorite bathing suits. Check out these three gems we found at Nordstrom and start planning spring break with these cover-ups!

Vitamin A - 'Jewel' Cover-Up Vitamin A ‘Jewel’ Cover-Up, $159

This sapphire ombré wrap emulates a glittering tropical sea. Wear it with your sun-kissed shoulder peeking out or as a skirt over your bikini.


Miraclesuit - 'Budding Beauty' Pareo Miraclesuit ‘Budding Beauty’ Pareo, $62

Cool blue flowers decorate this sheer black pareo which looks great anytime from your morning swim to an evening luau.


Beach Bunny - 'Lady Lace' Sarong Beach Bunny ‘Lady Lace’ Sarong, $69

For something a bit more risqué, this lace-trimmed purple and turquoise is a great way to accent those hips and put an additional spring to your step.

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