The Hood, Capelet, and Wrap from RAG & BONE

Here are a couple more throw-ons for you to grab this fall. These are all from Rag & Bone, thus kind of expensive. If you don’t mind spending lots of moola on extras, then read away…

Rag & Bone has three fresh toppers for you to think about. Up on the list is the Rag & Bone Bronson Hood – essentially like an infinity scarf but is shaped like a hood, thus limiting the number of ways you can wear it to three (3). However, I’m pretty sure that if you’re creative enough and you don’t mind doing a little experimentation, you might be able to come up with different styles other than what’s already given.

What do you think so far? Can you appreciate? It’s made of cotton cashmere mix so it will definitely keep you warm and toasty:

rag-bone-bronson-hood(resized)Rag & Bone Bronson Hood, $195 (SOLD OUT)

If the Bronson Hood isn’t your kind of style, then maybe the Oakley Hood Wrap may appeal to your senses. It’s also a three-in-one and is made of 100% cotton. However, I would say it is a lot cooler in terms of form compared to the Bronson Hood. It’s slimmer, sleeker, and it definitely has more oomph to it, would you agree?

rag-bone-oakley-hood-wrap(resized)Rag & Bone Oakley Hood Wrap, $195 (SOLD OUT)

Last but not least is the Brent Capelet. It’s a shaggy piece in wool mix that you can wear in two ways – as a hooded capelet or as a collared capelet. This one is definitely the dressiest of the bunch, and is also the most feminine. It is also the kind of piece to use if you want to spruce up a classic number. Too bad it is the most expensive – retailing at a high $395:

Rag & Bone Bronson Capelet, $395 (SOLD OUT)

So which among these three Rag & Bone toppers is your favorite? If money were no object, would you say buying all three (3) is a possibility? You can find these throw-ons at Shopbop if you want them.

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