WILDFOX Couture Hearts on Fire Woodstock Hoodie Scarf, Rad or Rags?

Here’s an interesting piece of scarf that you will either love or totally hate. Personally, it reminds me a little of a tattered tent (ergo, rags) but of course, that’s just my opinion and you could be thinking differently. It’s a good thing those big red hearts are there, otherwise, you could easily mistake it for a bush (ok, maybe I’m being too cruel).

I’m pertaining to the WILDFOX Couture Hoodie Scarf posted below. Tell me, what do you think of it? It’s pretty much a hoodie scarf but with extra ruffles on it. The whole piece is knitted but the base and the ruffles are actually made of two different fabrics – acrylic wool mix for the body and soft rayon for the trimmings. It’s basically a fall item and CAN be the perfect cover up or topper if you’re going for a certain look.

Here, have a close inspection:

Rad or Rags?

Take it As It Is

The Cascading Look

Big Red Heart Patterns

All Wrapped Around

Well, what do you think, RAD or simply RAGS?

Actually, if you look at it for a good while, it CAN grow on you. It is quite an avante garde looking piece and would probably suit someone who prefers a grungy and somewhat edgy kind of style.  It is also quite a statement piece, and all you will probably need to make it work would be some fab boots or heels and a pair of great fitting jeans.

So what say you ladies? Will any of you be taking this one home for fall? It retails at $165 over at RevolveClothing if you want it. It comes in Dirty Black too if you’re interested:

In Dirty Black

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