Scarf Menagerie: Marc Jacobs’ Stunning Animal Scarves

Marc Jacobs seems to have unleashed the animal– or animals– within with his latest scarves. The fashion genius is clearly inspired by beastly shapes, colors and sensibilities while featuring the biggest trends of the season: texture and print.

Running-Impala-Scarf-whole-Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Revolve-Clothing(resized)Running Impala Scarf, $178

The Running Impala Scarf comes in a beautiful chocolate brown color with hints of orange and green to depict the vast savannah landscape, the playground of the graceful creature. Fringe detail adds a rough yet chic character to the scarf.

Le Mouse Cashmere ScarfLe Mouse Cashmere Scarf, $178.00

Le Mouse Cashmere Scarf comes in a mouse grey color and features calligraphic sketches of a mouse– squiggly and concentric circles that depict its tiny, scruffy, and bustling nature.

Panthera-Scarf-whole-Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Revolve-Clothing(resized)Panthera Scarf, $178

This Panthera Scarf has a dress version and features the same neo-mod feel to it. From a distance, it looks like a rather childish print but on closer inspection, one realizes that the line of panthers seem to be walking carefully, as if ready to pounce.

Wonderland-Scarf-whole-Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Revolve-Clothing(resized)Wonderland Scarf, $178

The Wonderland Scarf, on first glance, doesn’t seem to have any animals in it. It features a rather medieval-type pattern of flowers and fleur-de-Lys– that all conjure a repeating appearance of the proud and beautiful peacock.

The featured scarves are available on Revolve Clothing.

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