Of Furry Collars and Capelets: 3 to Grab at Shopbop

How about we feature something different for today? I found these furry extras while browsing through Shopbop’s inventory of scarves and wraps. These aren’t exactly scarves but they do decorate the neck so essentially, we can qualify them as honorary members. What do you think of these designer pieces?

ports-1961-bliss-lau-haute-hippie1Ports 1961 Embellished Capelet, $695 / Bliss Lau Stroke Collar, $592 / Haute Hippie Raccoon Collar, $594

As you can see, one is a capelet from Ports 1961. It comes with bias seams, ostrich feather add-ons, and is made of fine knit cotton wool mix. It’s quite versatile since you can also wear it around your neck instead of around your shoulders; oh and it would make a great topper to a tube dress too!

ports-1961capelet(resized)Ports 1961 Embellished Capelet, $695

The other two on the other hand, are fur collars, though I must say, the one from Bliss Lau is very very unique. It’s the most avante garde and original among the three. It is essentially like a bolero, except that there is nothing to cover the back, and the sleeves are shredded (aside from being furry). I also love how it uses leather as the trim; it gives that extra edge.

bliss-lau-stroke-collar(resized)Bliss Lau Stroke Collar, $592

The one from Haute Hippie is pretty much your typical fur collar; something definitely meant for winter. It’s also the most classic, although all three (3) are essentially priced within the same range. In a way, the prices can also be attributed to the materials these brands use – real animal fur and feathers. The one from Bliss Lau uses lamb fur while this piece from Haute Hippie utilizes raccoon hair. If you’re an animal lover, wearing these cover-ups will probably be out of the question.

haute-hippie-fur-collar(resized)Haute Hippie Fur Collar, $594

Now of the three, I would have to say I prefer the Bliss Lau best; I think it’s the most wardrobe friendly. It’s just too bad that I cannot afford it. With such steep prices, you could say these are only meant for the moneyed few. That aside however, if you were to pick one of the three (3), which would you grab (if money was not an issue)? You can find these collars and capelets at Shopbop if you want them. Enjoy shopping!

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