Brand of the Day: Hand-Drawn Scarves From Lauren Moshi

Check out these really cool and fun scarves from Lauren Moshi. I am so in love with the prints. They’re fun, cool, and very interesting. In case you don’t know, these are actually hand-drawn, not something generated from some graphic designing software.

Lauren Moshi Bullet Heart Scarf in Black, $88

Lauren Moshi Happy Face Scarf in Heather Grey, $88

Lauren Moshi Happy Face Scarf in Black, $88

Lauren Moshi creations are all considered unique and original as they are hand drawn by Lauren herself. The brand, which is a collaboration between brother and sister, Michael and Lauren, offers limited artful pieces that  come in the most comfortable fabrics. These scarves for instance, are all made of 100% Micromodal. They are soft, breathable, cool to touch, and easy to wear.

You can find these Lauren Moshi scarves at Singer22!

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