How To Wear an Infinity Scarf – 10 Easy Styling Ideas

Back in 2010, we received an inquiry from a reader who wanted some tips on how to wear her very large infinity scarf. We tried our best to answer her question with a post, showing seven neat ways that were easy to do.

Four years later, we updated our guide with a few more tips and tricks on how to wear an infinity scarf.

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Infinity scarves come in different make and sizes. They can be extremely oversized, unbelievably small (i.e. the tube scarf), lightweight, or overly chunky, but one thing you need to understand is that these are the things that dictate the number of ways you can actually wear it. Suffice it to say that the bigger the circle and the wider the fabric, the more creative you’ll have to be.

We’re excited to show you 10 easy ways to wear an infinity scarf, complete with helpful videos from some incredibly talented fashion bloggers.

1. Classic

Whether your circle scarf is huge or not, you can wear it the classic way by topping it over a blouse or tee. No need to twist or wrap it around, simply let it sit on your shoulders like a regular scarf should. If you have a tube scarf (small circumference), it should look like the neck warmer below. But if your scarf is long, it should drape over your front like  a necklace.

jonathan adler stepped chevronJonathan Adler Stepped Chevron Intarsia Knit Neck Warmer, $48

If you’re having a difficult time visualizing what we mean, here’s a screenshot of how a large infinity scarf should look when worn the classic way. This is courtesy of Canadian beauty blogger, Alexa, whose video you can find further down the page.

stealing beauty blog how to wear infinity scarfAlexa of Stealing Beauty demonstrates how to wear an infinity scarf the classic way

Alternately, you may play around with the scarf by twisting it to create some form of texture. Shaina Glenn demonstrated this method very well in her video.

shaina glenn twisted infinity scarf how wearShaina Glenn gives the infinity scarf some texture by twisting it around as it is worn around the neck

2. Layered

If you find the scarf too long, you can loop it around your neck twice or three times, depending on your preference. The outcome should look similar to the way the Tasha crinkled “Ringer” scarf sits on the model below:

Tasha Ringer ScarfTasha Ringer Scarf, $24

3. Hooded

One good thing about the infinity scarf or wrap is that you can also wear it as a snood. There are several ways of going about this particular style. If the scarf is short in circumference, simply put it over, then pull the back portion over your head.

infinity scarf hooded styleShaina Glenn demonstrates how to wear the infinity scarf as a snood

If you have a relatively long scarf, you can loop the scarf around your neck twice or thrice before pulling the back portion over your head. You can watch Alexa and Shaina’s videos for more comprehensive instructions.

4. Shoulder Wrap

If your scarf is small, simply put it on then spread the fabric over your shoulders and arms to make it look like a shoulder wrap. You can push the top portion of the scarf down to make it look like an off-shoulder piece (see picture on the right).

infinity scarf shrug style-horzShaina wears the infinity scarf as a regular shoulder wrap and an off-shoulder wrap

Alternately, you may twist the scarf to create a different effect, one that follows the shape of a bow. Shaina Glenn also demonstrated this method in her video.

infinity scarf bow shoulder wrapTwist scarf to create a bow effect on your off-shoulder wrap

Do note that you can wear the infinity scarf as a shoulder wrap even if it is long. Simply loop the scarf two to three times before wrapping it around your shoulders and arms. Make sure you get a snug fit. Remember that this will only work best with long infinity scarves that are lightweight and stretchy.

5. Vest

Wearing the infinity scarf as a vest is easy. But to do this, you’ll need a relatively larger piece. Once you’re done wrapping, you can even dress it up with a belt. Sammy shared a really nice way of achieving this look on YouTube.

infinity scarf vest-horz

infinity scarf vest 3-horz

infinity scarf vest 6Sammy of Chiq Belle demonstrates how to wear the infinity scarf as a vest

6. Shrug

The infinity wrap can be also be worn as a shrug. Do note that this look will work best with larger pieces. To do this, you will need to wear the scarf like a vest, then spread the fabric so it covers your back. Here’s Alexa once again, demonstrating the method in three easy steps.

infinity scarf shrug 2-horzAlexa works her large infinity wrap into a cozy shrug

7. Halter

Yes, you can also wear your infinity scarf as a halter top. Depending on the size of your scarf, the halter can be fitted or drapey. Check out the diagram below to understand how to go about it. Or better yet, you can simply watch her video below.

infinity scarf halter-horzAlexa demonstrates how you can turn the infinity scarf into a halter top

8. As a Skirt and 9. As a Strapless Dress

For this look, you’ll need a large infinity scarf that is lightweight. We turned to vlogger April for some really genius tips on how to go about doing both. The steps aren’t that difficult to do, and are actually a lot simpler than they seem.

infinity scarf skirt-horzApril shows us a genius way to turn your infinity scarf into a skirt, as well as a strapless dress

A great scarf to use for achieving these looks would be the Capelli of New York floral scarf below. It’s not only beautifully feminine, but very spring-fabulous as well. Wouldn’t you want to rock it next season?

capelli new york all over flora scarfCapelli New York All Over Flora Scarf, $18

10. One Shoulder or Halter Dress

To go about turning the infinity scarf into a one-shoulder dress, you need to step inside the scarf, pull the ends at the front and back, then tie or pin those ends together over one of your shoulders. The same steps will apply if you want to create a halter dress — except you will be pulling the ends on the right and left sides instead of the front and back.

infinity scarf halter dress-horzFashion blogger Franceta Johnson shows us how to turn the infinity scarf into a halter dress with the use of a pin

In a nutshell, when it comes to infinity scarves, we always go back to this very old manual released by American Apparel decades ago. It’s a simple compilation of the looks you can achieve with the scarf.   

Ways-to-Wear-American-ApparelAmerican Apparel Circle Scarf Manual

We keep it handy in our gadgets just in case we need to refer to it again. You can find American Apparel’s popular circle scarf over at Amazon. It comes in a plethora of colors!

american apparel lightweight circle scarfAmerican Apparel Unisex Circle Scarf, $28

Credit: Cousart/JFXimages/TNYF/WENN
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