5 Reasons Why Your Next Scarf Should Be a Colin Heaney

In the market for a new silk scarf, wrap, sarong, or kaftan? Well, if you are, buy a Colin Heaney. We here at ScarvesWraps were able to get our hands on a couple of Colin Heaney pieces and we can attest to its fabulousity. Here are 5 simple reasons why your next scarf should be from this beautiful brand:

Colin Heaney Kaftan

It’s Luxe – Colin Heaney scarves are made from the finest silk. They’re unbelievably soft, delicate, and luxurious to touch. Wrapping yourself in one will feel like you’re wrapped in the finest jewelry.

Colin Heaney Scarf and Swimwear

It’s a Unique Work of Art – Colin Heaney, the face behind the name, is a renowned textile artist who creates unique and one of a kind colorful patterns inspired by music, dance, architecture, and nature. A Colin Heaney scarf is more than just a piece of fabric. It’s a unique work of art, a masterpiece that is meant to be enjoyed and treasured.

coline-heaney-patternsColin Heaney’s Unique Scarf and Sarong Patterns

It’s Feminine – With its soft silk fabric and colorful and vivid patterns, wearing a Colin Heaney creation is like slipping into a luxurious piece of lingerie. It will give you an emotional high that will instantly make you feel feminine and sexy.

colin-heaney-head-scarvesColin Heaney scarves as head accessories

It’s Timeless – Colin Heaney scarves transcend trends. It can blend with any outfit  and can be worn with almost anything, anytime.

Colin Heaney Kaftan

It’s an Investment – Combine reasons one to four and that makes Colin Heaney scarves a worthy investment that will last you through the years, provided you handle it with care of course. You can even eventually pass it on to your beautiful daughters as an heirloom piece.

To shop for Colin Heaney, simply visit ColinHeaney. A scarf will cost you about US$110. Not exactly cheap but still quite reasonable. You do have to understand that beauty comes with a price. Kaftans, swimwear, sarongs, and headbands made of beautiful silk satin, silk georgette, or silk crepe are also available.

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